Chapter 2: Strange And Beautiful

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Aubrey "The Captain" Posen is a bitch, I decided. And it only took the first day of Bella rehearsal for me to convince myself that. First of all, her choice of music is pretty lame. This Bella tradition is pretty stupid. No wonder they never won at the International what-what A capella. Okay, I don't know what ICCA stands for exactly. And I do not have a 'toner' for Jesse. I just met the guy. Besides... I pause for a moment, and sigh.

"Besides what, Beca?" I mentally challenge myself.

I catch my eyes glued on Chloe. She is having a quiet conversation with The Captain who takes quick glances at me from time to time which I take as a giveaway that the two group leaders

are talking about me. Of course, Aubrey is talking about shit and Chloe must be defending my guts. Yeah, that's what I hope the scenario is. But more than the thought of Chloe defending me against Aubrey, I find myself distracted by her mere beauty. Even after a stressful day, she still looks so cute and lovely. God, how does she do that? She can easily be mistaken for a Greek goddess. I stop myself again.

"Stop it, Beca," I mutter to myself. "You can't be thinking about her again."

But I am. I always am. Ever since that singing- naked-in-the-shower incident, I would always find myself thinking about this redhead. I don't know if it's healthy, let alone why. Somehow, I guess I'm just drawn to her. I don't think this has something to do with sexuality. This is not about it. I don't even like chicks, okay? I don't even like most people, but somehow, she manages to barge not only into my shower but also into my head. Get out of my mind, Chloe Beale!

Just when I proceed with cleaning up my thoughts, I hear Chloe's voice calling out my name. So I turn around and wait for her to catch up.

"Hey there," she gives me a generous smile when she finally stands in front of me.

I raise an eyebrow at her.

"What's with that look, Beca?"

"Aren't you supposed to be with your aca-bitch of a best friend, Red?"

She chuckles, probably because I said 'aca- bitch'. Either that or because I called her by the nickname I gave her.

"I'm sorry Aubrey gave you a hard time earlier."

"She doesn't like me, I get it."

"No, she just has some issues. It's not your fault."

I roll my eyes, "Right."

"Come on," Chloe takes my hand and starts dragging me with her.

"Um, where are we going?" I layer some

hesitation on my voice, but I let her drag me anyway.

"I know a place. They got some really delicious desserts."

She didn't even ask me if I'm good to go, let alone if I eat desserts. I don't, by the way. I don't even get why most people get so crazy over them. But then, I'm sitting inside Chloe's car. I secure myself with the seat belt. Five minutes after, I'm ordering for a triple chocolate crepe. I glance from my food to find Chloe telling me random stories, her usual bright personality like sunshine evident on her face. I listen patiently to her stories until I was only staring. And that's when it hits me. Strange as it seems, there's nothing I wouldn't do for the beautiful Chloe Beale.

Chloe then surprises me by cutting off a chunk of my crepe and eat it. "Mmm. This is really good, Beca. Nice choice." God, she looks so sexy.

I throw a look at her.

"And what makes you think you can just eat my food?"

"Oh maybe because I'm cute, and sexy, and utterly irresistible."

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