The Onset

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The glass was filled to the brim with water, lying around on the table beside a small pill with 25 written on it. The time was 10:30 pm.

Link looked around once more to see the last of what seemed real to him; Lifted the pill, drank some water, popped the pill. "Haaaaa. Now it's time to wait for it to kick in." thought Link. He called Altar and asked him -"Alt, you think this'd work? I mean, is this for real?"

"Well, it could be a Placebo but you really don't know what you're in for. It might work or it might not."

"Man, just give me a binary. 1 or 0."

"I really can't decide Link. It's entierly upto you my friend."

"Hmm. Half an hour to 45 minutes; Tell me something to get me going with the flow Alt."

"Would you like to see the world differently than it is right now?"

"Duh. That's exactly what I'm doing right now."

"What if? If, this is not what you want to see? You do know what Spike told you before he gave you the pill."

"Yea, the whole world would change and I'd be unstuck in time for a few hours. But what that got to do with me wanting to "really" do this?"

"It does my friend, it does. You'll be itching to come back to normalcy again in a few hours." grunted Altar.

"Wkwkwkwkwkwk. So yea,"

"Altar? Altar?"

He look at his watch, the time was 11:18 pm.

The onset phase had started.

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