Chapter 8

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She set up her stair lift so that she could get to her bedroom.

Ever since the accident she has had to use a stair lift as her bones and muscles are now very week, and can hardly walk without help, let alone getting up the stairs.

Edna plonked herself very gracefully into the stair lift, and turned on the on button, lifting her up the stairs very slowly.

However this time it didn't turn out so easily for Edna as her long flowing skirt got trapped in some of the mechanics, ripping it and jamming up the stair lift.

She had to get off the stair lift halfway up the stairs feeling very shaky and nervous about falling down them, and untangle her skirt from the mechanics.

She eventually untangles the mess her skirt ha made and it back on the stair lift in a very bad mood.

She got to the top of the stairs and went to open her bedroom door and go to sleep because she had had enough and was very annoyed.

She twisted the door handle and shook it a bit, but the door wouldn't open. Normally the door is very easy to open and she can do it without trouble, however this time she struggled and it just wouldn't open.

Then she realised the only reason it wouldn't open is if somebody had locked from the inside

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