"You're joking right?" I asked, arms crossed in disbelief. I mean, I get it. He wants money. But did he have to lie about last night? He said it had something to do with what happened last night.

He looked confused. "No. That was our deal wasn't it? I needed money. Every week while we work." Stiles reminded me. His hair was still ruffled, and he had some bags under his eyes. He yawned as he waited for my response.

I sighed. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Tell me why you need the money first. Or else no pay. I paid you yesterday anyways." I added, eyes rolling. He could be a scam artist. I nearly believed him. Nearly.

He sighed. "Oh. Yeah." Then he stopped speaking and we stood there in awkward silence. I guess he figured I wouldn't leave him alone until he told me why he needed the money, or at least speak. Stiles shrugged. "I just need it."

What for? Your drugs? I asked him mentally. "Well until you decide to tell me why, there's none in it for you. You and your friends are dismissed." I told him and went upstairs. I honestly didn't need this. Especially since the anniversary was so close...


Sunday was quick. Monday however...

"Allison, I need a girls day." I told my best friend, a small dramatic sigh escaping my lips. I feigned passing out. It was our free period so we just relaxed in our room, myself studying, her preparing for the Winter dance.

She laughed. "This new Lydia is so playful. It's amusing. Especially after the night before." Still, people refused to tell me what I did Saturday night. It was annoying and difficult. "Anyways, we just went shopping and to the movies yesterday. Isn't that all the girls day you need?" She groaned.

I had forced her to go through the whole Beacon Hills Mall, every store and help me buy the cutest clothes, and she helped me order some clothes online, as well as helped me get some secret orders for early dresses and bags. "Nope. That was all for new Lydia. Old Lydia wants to go get some ice cream and sit on a swing whiel she reads a book." I smiled at her, missing being just quiet.

Monday was all about my awesome party and about how I stood up to Erica Reyes. People have been trying to talk to me all day, and I still stuttered a bit before giving them a warm smile and having a small conversation with them before Stiles escorted me away.

"Fine, after classes today, okay?" She suggested and I nodded and we went back to work.


"Stiles, go away." I told him, and he scooped me up, chuckling.

"Nope. Lydia Martin we are going to take you to a concert," Stiles' hot breath was against my ear and a shoved at him. "And you'll love it." His voice was husky and I stopped struggling.

I sighed. "If I say yes, will you go away?" I asked him, eyes raised, as he held me bridal style. It was literally five minutes before class.

"One way to find out." He murmured as he hovered against her neck. Stiles pulled me even closer to me and breathed in my scent.

Alright, I get it. Stiles Stilinski was a player, but 1. Did he have to do this? and 2. Did he have to play the girl who loves him. "Okay. Yes. Now put me down, you idiot." I whispered, slightly out of breath.

He laughed and put me down gently. I was still regaining her breath. Stiles looked down at me, that mischievous glint never leaving his eye. Underneath his eyes, there were bags. From what, I didn't know. He lowered his head, his lips closer to mine.

First it started light, gentle. But then I felt rough movement and a metal wall cool against my back. I felt his knee going in between my legs as his lips grew rougher. His lips were really cold. Wonder why.

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