Chapter 1

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I swung my sword, slash after slash, making sure to strike them right in the head.

These, these things have killed most of my group. There's no one left, but me. The other percentage was killed by the living. Since then, I've been on my own. And It will stay that way. I'm not going to go through more people I care about, dying. No way.

Plus, maybe being alone is better. I only care for myself. I don't have to worry about someone behind me, or someone in my group who may be starving worse then i already am. It's just me. No one else, other than these dead things.

I used to consider them people, but they're no where close to being that anymore. People, die. But then come back as this-this thing, that eats human flesh. Crazy.

It's been almost 2 years since this all started. I remember being clueless. I remember how weak I was. I've become more individual since..since the incident..

"haha! I'll go get more wood for us," i told the people, that i now call family. We were sitting around a fire, keeping warm. But, it seemed to be getting lower so maybe some more wood would help. The woods weren't that far away so I'd be back quickly.

"Jane, I'll be back in a bit okay? I'm just gonna go get some wood." I smiled at my little sister.

"Okay, I'll be here." With that, i was on my way. I never really have to grab much because I always have my weapons on me, you know, just incase.

The woods seemed pretty quiet so this was a great chance for me to get as much as possible, i gathered some sticks, small and big. I had found a berry bush, that seemed pretty good and healthy and was about to pick some when I heard gunshots.

"Oh no, oh no no no" I dropped everything and ran towards my camp. I ran so damn fast I swear time seemed to go faster. When I got there, it was invaded. I saw..I saw as my little sister was grabbed and bitten.

"Nooooooo!" I yelled in anger, all of those..those things, all of those stupid.. They killed everyone! How. How did they all come at the same time. One by one they came towards me, and I slashed a knife through their heads. Then, the last one. The last one who took my sister came and I grabbed it and stopped on it repeatedly. I then ran to my sister.

"Jane!?" I cried.

"E-Ellie.." She whimpered.

"Baby, I'm so sorry for leaving you..I really am."

"It's-it's okay..i-I love yo-you." she said, before her human, hazel eyes shut down completely. I held her and cried. My little sister.

"I love you too Jane..I love you too.." I cried even harder.

I've lost everyone now. From behind I could hear more moans of the dead. They're rising now, I have to kill them now.

I heard a soft moan from my sisters mouth, and I knew what I had to do..

"I'm so sorry.." I cried as I stabbed a knife into her head. I then went to the others who were now one of those human eaters.

"Lizzie...Jack..Martin." Tears rolling down my eyes quicker than ever. One by one, after naming them and apologizing I put then down. How didn't any of them survive. They came in a really big herd. There must be more heading this way..

It was the day I had decided to stick on my own. I couldn't afford losing more people anymore. It wasn't safe. After them, I just stayed isolated. I'd hide when I'd come across people. At first it would be hard, I would feel a bit relieved that they were also survivors, but I would remind myself that no one really could be trusted. That in this world we live in now, the only person you could really trust is yourself, and sometimes that's not even the case.


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