Chapter 1

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I drove home from the public library hard in thought. How was I gonna pay for next months rent? My mom had paid for the first months rent. I had moved into my first house not even a week ago. Its not to big, and not to small. I pulled into the driveway and parked my red Mercedes in the drive way then put it in park and turned the ignition off and got out.

My street seemed pretty quite considering I used to live on a busy street with a bunch of kids running around making noise. I breathed in the night air as I unlocked my front door. I switched on the lights and threw my bag on the floor and walked into the kitchen for a coca-cola. I noticed a yellow note was on stuck in my fridge. That wasn't there when I left. That's weird, I'm the only one who has a key to this house. I picked it up and read it over and over again. It read: I'm watching your every move. Sweet dreams. A shiver ran down my spine.

I locked all the doors and windows before slipping into some gym shorts and a baggy tee. I slipped into bed and turned off the lamp making my room pitch black. I thought of the note and a thousand possibilities ran through my head. Would if it was a killer or maybe it's just a prank. I shrugged it off and snuggled further into the duvet. Drifting off from exhaustion.

I woke up from a bang in my room. I sat up extremely startled. I could see the room better now and I could make out the dresser and some other things. I reached to turn my lamp on but was stopped by a voice in the room.

" I wouldn't do that sweet cheeks, they don't like the light," a raspy voice filled the room and I froze in my spot.

I slowly turn around and spotted a figure standing in the middle of my room. My breath hitched.

The moon was shining on him. He had blonde hair that was put in a quiff, he had a lip ring on his bottom lip, and he wore a black nirvana shirt with black jeans that were ripped at the knees.

"My name is Luke."

"W-who are t-they?" I whispered my voice wavering.

"The other demons," he shrugged and his eyes turned black.


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