Chapter 2

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I glance in horror at what he has just done. I sit here in absolute horror watching him come closer and closer every second.

"Get away!!" I yell at him. He stops in his tracks and a big grin forms on his face.

"I don't think you should have said that," he starts coming closer again but this time twice as fast. I quickly duck under my duvet and start sobbing at what is happening. I wait a few minutes and after hearing nothing I come back out slowly, turning my head back and forth to try and find Luke.

He is out of sight. I look on the edges of my bed and under, no where. After sitting here for about an hour watching every direction, I finally decide to lay back down and try and sleep. Of corse it was trouble because every little sound coming from outside scared me. After a few minutes, which seemed like forever, I finally drifted off.

I eventually wake up about 11 o' clock. I look around trying to find anything from what just happened last night. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I sit down at my table eating while thinking it must have been a dream.

"Yes it must have," I say a loud.

After I finished eating I hopped in the shower and got ready to go job hunting. I needed money for my rent, and fast. As I get in my Mercedes and start the ignition I wonder where to go first. The mall. maybe I'll go try the mall and see if they have any job openings anywhere.

It takes me about a half hour to get there because it's on the other side of the town. I get out if my car and press the luck button till I hear my car beep. I walk at the main entrance. I walk by the food court thinking, not in the food any where but the food court. So I keep on walking.

A clothes shop maybe. I go ask for an application 3 places but none were hiring. One last place, Ardenes. I walk in to the front desk to where you pay and ask them if they were hiring anybody. Gladly they said they needed more workers. I got an application and left.

I drove home to go and fill out the application. Once I get inside I find another note on my fridge, this time it's red. It reads: I will be back every night, and remember, I'm watching your every move. The same voice from last night still haunts my head.

I wonder where he is right now. I look around.

"Nope it's still to light for him to come," I wonder a loud.

I sit down on my couch and find the remote to turn the T.V. on. I scroll threw the channels and find one I my favorite series, Community. I tune to the channel and watch it. They're only half hour shows so once it's over I'll fill out the application I think.

Ugh! It's over that sucks, I think in my head. Now to start my application. I find a pen and sit at my table with the paper to start. I quickly glance at the clock, it 8. It should be getting dark soon, I look out the window and the suns almost gone. I worry a little bit.

I start shaking more and more every minute that ticks by. I finally get fed up with my application and leave it. I go and get ready for a shower for bed and hope I feel better.

I hop in and the water feels just right and it relaxes me. I wash my hair and body and shave my armpits and get out. I dry off and slip into some baggy sweats and muscle shirt and go to my bedroom.

There he is standing in the corner of my room watching me as I'm frozen in my spot.

"Finally your out," he chuckles. I start walk to sit on my bed but don't bother to turn the light on because I know if I do something bad will happen.

After a moment if silence I finally speak up, "what do you want from me, you evil person," I spit out. He makes his eyes go black again. I jump at how fast they went black.

"What I want is for you to love me, but for that to happen you would have to change into a demon with me," he says calmly as he changes his eyes back to their normal color, ocean blue.

I stare at him in disbelief.

"That will never happen," I say shaking.

He starts coming towards me an I fall of my bed at what has just done.

"Y-you slapped me!" I yell at him.

I lift my hand up to where he had just hit me and it felt wet. Oh-no! I'm bleeding. This is gonna be an ugly bruise tomorrow. What will I tell people. I got slapped by a demon that only comes out at night and only I can see? They'll think I'm crazy.


Sorry guys I know it's short it's just I'm not that good of a writer so I don't have many ideas.

I promise I'll thy make the next chapters longer !

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