Stop and Erase

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You think you know me so well,

You put me down, it builds you up,

You're kicking me around,

You just can't get enough

And all your friends surround you,

And without them by your side,

You start to show your weakness,

It's something you can't hide,

Yeah, yeah


Well stop and erase,

'cause I'm gonna

wipe that smile off your know-it-all face


Laugh well you can,

You're livin' it up,

But read my lips,

the joke is on you,


I figured it out,

You're all about,

walking tall on the people you knock down,

Well stop and erase,

'cause I'm gonna,

wipe that smile off your know it all face


I'm waking up, I'm feeling,

What I was scared to feel before,

I got my eyes wide open,

Won't take it anymore

All the lies and teasing,

Guess, I could never be that cool,

You had them all believing,

But know that's through,

Yeah, Yeah


Count down,

The tables have turned,

Better wise up,

You have got a lot to learn,

'cause you're alone now,

[Chorus x2]

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