Broken Hearted

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I moved to a new house. I like it here. It's better than it ever has.

I love everything here. And I love that it's how I met u.

Let me start at the beginning, or at least around the time we moved.


I used to live with my mom and my dad with my brothers. Then my parents got a separation.

I lived with my mom at first then I got in trouble and left.

The thing that I was in trouble for was stupid. I hated everything. I even hated myself.

Okay so I didn't have a phone so I used my brothers phone, and I usually texted my friend Dillon.

I have known Dillon forever. Anyways since it was my brothers phone I didnt always have it with me.

Okay so Dillon texts me and my mom got to my brothers phone before i got home and read everything.

She was so mad. I didn't understand though. Why would she be so mad at me for texting my friend?

It wasn't a big deal so I thought. It was a huge deal to her. Was it any of her business?

Ya she is my mom and I live with her but does she have to know everything.

Anyways she started yelling at me and I didn't like it. I was used to it but I still didn't like it.

Well she was so mad that she said she was done. That she was tired of me being a lying sneaking kid.

She told me I had to go live with my dad. She said " Ur bags are packed by the door go get out."

I was hurt. I started crying on the way to my dads house. I don't know why.

I hated living with her. So why was it such a big deal? It was a big deal because she was still my mom.

She was suppose to help me grow up. To teach me what's right. But that's not really how it turned out.

So I moved in with my dad. It was so much fun. I had everything all to myself. I loved living with my dad.

It was better than it ever was with her. Way totally better.

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