Chapter 2

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                                                                                   Cormac's POV

"Cormac. Cormac, wake up. We are here."

I wake at the sound of Monika's voice to find that we have landed at Rainbow HQ. I blink rapidly, trying to shake off my drowsiness. I look next to me to find Monika looking at me with concern in her pure blue eyes.

"What?" I say.

"You were having a nightmare weren't you?" She asks softly. "You were muttering, and thrashing around a lot."

"I'm fine." I reply, my voice containing a nearly undetectable tremor.

Monika gently puts her hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay. You can talk to me. I'm a good listener."

"There's nothing to talk about I said I'm fine." I snap, my voice harsher than I intended.

I shrug her hand off of my shoulder and climb out of the helicopter, looking around to get my bearings. We've landed on a heli-pad overlooking a training field. There are mannequins and pieces of cover strewn seemingly at random across the field.

Whiskey jumps down from the helicopter and immediately runs over to one of the mannequins, lifting his leg.

"Whiskey! No!" I shout.

He snaps his attention to me, then slowly walks away from the mannequin, as if to say "What? I wasn't doing anything." His performance earns a laugh from Monika, who was standing behind me. I turn to her shaking my head.

"Little devil," I mutter. "Is there anyplace that I can take him other than the training field for that?"

"There's an open field behind the West Wing," Monika replies. "Take him there. He'll have plenty of room to run around and burn off some energy. When you're done come meet me back here, and I'll show you around."

"Thanks Monika." 


I jog over to the field that Monika mentioned and let Whiskey run loose for a while. I watch him chase butterflies and stray cats, marveling at how much simpler life must be for him. After a few more minutes of watching him roll in the grass I call him back to my side and together we start head back to the training field to find Monika.

As promised, she was waiting for us and she seemed eager to start the tour. She showed me the gym, armoury, meeting hall, Six's office, and the firing range. I was about to ask where I would be staying, when something in Monika's pocket started buzzing.

She pulled out a device very similar in appearance to a phone, but slimmer and more advanced looking. She gazes at it for a moment before turning to me.

"Message from Six. She wants to see you."

I nod.

"Lead the way."

We make our way back to Six's office, and knock politely on the door.

"Enter." Six calls from the other side.

I step inside of an office that is scarcely furnished in true military style. The only items of interest beyond the desk and chairs, are the numerous honors hanging on the walls. Everything from Purple Hearts to Victorian Crosses.

I let out a low whistle. Six is no joke. No wonder she's the head of this team. I turn my attention to her, wondering what she wants.

"I assume that you have been shown around?" She asks once she sees that she has my full attention.

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