The Hidden Relic

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The next morning, Ben was again in his study, talking to his boss, when his adopted, eleven- year- old daughter, Lucy, came in, she was holding something in her, it looked like a golden bracelet, she held it up for her father to see, but Ben never noticed it, until something catches his eye, it was one of the symbols he saw in the cave, twenty-five years ago, he picked it up and examined the symbol, it depicted a star spinning, he looked at his daughter and said,

"Lucy, go find your mother."

Lucy ran into the kitchen and told her mother than her husband was looking for her, she came to Ben's aid, when she noticed the golden bracelet he was examining, she stepped into the room and asked,

"Ben, what is that you're holding?"

Ben looked his wife and said,

"Amelia, get Richard on the phone."

Amelia ran into the family room, grabbed her cell phone and called her son, she then stepped back into the study and gave Ben the phone,

"Richard, I need you to examine this bracelet.", Ben said into the phone.

"Father, slow down, what bracelet?"

"Just come over!", exclaimed Ben.

"Alright, be on my way."

Ben then hung up the phone and told his wife to run to the store for awhile,

"Take Lucy with you."

Amelia nodded, grabbed Lucy, headed for the family minivan, strapped Lucy in, got in the driver's seat herself and drove to the store, Ben then waited for his son.

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