-5 points to Hufflepuff-

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{ A/N: okay, hi. look this is just me being an idiot. please, no hate and no bullying cause why? also, feel free to share experiences. not that you've fallen on your face into woodchips—}

So, let's start from PE! We love her, just kidding. I DESPISE HER, ALL I DO IS RUN. I like the Maze Runner, but the whole "actual" running situations, isn't for me. My friend, Melissa makes it better though. Not really, she abuses me and scolds me for not knowing who the Ace Family is.

Sooooo— my PE teacher lowkey hates me and comes for my weave. BUT I DID ALL MY LAPS SO YA GIRL WAS GOOD- today. I don't know. Anyways, I gotta change in the stupid lockers. Where it smells like cheap perfume and sweaty hormonal teens. Ugh, I'm shuddering at the thought. I get dressed into my {usually black cause I'm weird} clothing.

I wait for my friends like cmendz who is always out before me like this girl is out before the bell rings. I went to class without my shoes or socks to class one time. HAVING TO RUN TO CLASS, SO I DIDN'T MISS HISTORY!

She's already near the Spanish teacher's classroom door. Anyways, I made it. I went to class with my other friend Cici, who hates PERCY JACKSON, HARRY POTTER, AND THE MAZE RUNNER! Anything to do with reading. We mildly dislike her. I see Cassandra and stand behind her until she notices me.

I didn't kill her, Jesus. Or did I? Okay, so I'm early to class. PROPS TO ME. My wonderful social studies teacher, Fongalicious. Who is chatting his life away with another teacher, he always does this? {give me the strength, to continue with this class.}

I sit down in the back with Cassandra. We're those people, yeah. Mr. Fong and Cassandra start having a discussion about Ms. Bayelog {i don't know how to spell her name.} The conversation turns into a debate with the WHOLE class, debating whether a teacher should wear overalls with a tank top.

I think it was appropriate, but MR FONG OVER HERE! Wants to come for his coworkers' wigs and said she looked like a farmer. EVERYONE IS YELLING LIKE THIS! We eventually end this intellectual talk about farmers and teachers.

-time skip brought to you by the memes my side of the room was yelling at everybody-

We went over our history homework, which your girl did great on. Fong starts telling us the answer, this one boy named Trevor who's a Hufflepuff. (I'm Slytherin, so i felt left out and Cassandra is Ravenclaw.)

He got the answer right. (this hoe) Mr. Fong and his pettiness couldn't hold back. He SCREAMED 10 POINTS TO HUFFLEPUFF CAUSE OF TREVOR'S HOODIE!

{ A/N: Yeah, so that was the story. I was bored! I'm thinking about writing a HP imagines book. Also, guys/girls follow 20persnetdone. It's our (Cassie and I) project. Love you! }

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