Hot ● Shinsou Hitoshi

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Soulmate AU: Your body temperature determines how close you and your soulmate are, If your body temperature is hot or warm it means your soulmate is close. If your body temperature is cold however, It means your soulmate is far away from you. Kinda like the game, Hot and Cold .

Y/n's quirk: lullaby, Her singing is so beautiful and peaceful, Her voice is able to make the opponent drowsy and if she sings long enough, she can make them fall asleep.

Drawback: is her singing makes her drowsy too, the longer she sings the more tired she gets. And if she overuses her quirk she can fall asleep too.

[Female Reader]

Your POV
I always felt so cold, too cold. I currently study in UA in Class 1-B, Hero course; wearing a cardigan everyday on top of my uniform to keep me warm.

Monoma constantly teased me about my quirk at first but soon became one of my closest friends, I'm not sure how it happened either.

He always reassured me that maybe my soulmate was just scared, or lived in a different town.

Neito was also very concerned for me. I would get so cold that once in the middle of July, there was a visible mist coming out of my mouth. It got so cold to the point it gave me slight frostbite. In the middle of fuckin July.

I rubbed my arms as I felt the sudden cold again, I unknowingly leant on Neito, who wrapped his arms around me trying to give me as much warmth he can provide.

But nothing seemed to work, I was still cold.
Before I knew it, I fainted.

Shinsou's POV
I rubbed my arms as I sat on my seat, where was my soulmate? Was she ok? How was she feeling? Is she always this cold? So much thoughts flooded my mind as I thought more and more about Her. Who was she? Where was she? I needed to find her, I can't let my soulmate feel this much coldness forever.

I didn't even notice how much time passed by until I heard the lunch bell, I stood up and walked out the classroom. I walked right and felt colder, Left it is.

I walked Left and started to feel less cold, but not warm. I came across two hallways again, I took another step to the left and felt cold. Right. I was losing my patience and ran, warm. Finally. I felt warm for the very first time. It felt great. I wanted more.
More hallways came but it didn't stop me.

Your POV
My eyes fluttered open, I was in the infirmary. Again. Neito was by my side with worried eyes. Likewise, but there was something new.. warm. I felt warm! A soft smile made it on my face, "N-Neito.. I feel warm" He smiled.

"I'm glad, maybe you'll get to see them today!" I smiled at the thought, my body seemed to get hotter and hotter. And then it stopped just as the bell rang.
Damn you, you round ringing fuck.

I got warm, room temperature then back to cold. I frowned, "Are you cold again?" I nodded, "C'mon let's just get to class and take your mind off of things" This time whilst we were going to our class Neito said he knew a shortcut to our room, but we needed to pass by Class 1-C, which I was fine with.

But I've never been down that hallway and I always took the longer way, So I'm basically just following Neito blindly.

Once we neared Class 1-C, I felt the warm welcoming feeling again. It gradually got hotter until I was practically sweating by the time we reached Class 1-C's door, Neito took notice.

"Maybe your soulmate is in class 1-C.." I nodded, "..But we need to get to class" I wiped the sweat of my forehead and continued to walk down the hallway again, The coldness returning, Unknowingly, I started to hum, making both Neito and I slightly drowsy.

Shinsou's POV
I heard Murmurs outside our classroom as I started to sweat, our teacher said something about the sports festival but I was too focused on something else.

My soulmate was outside my classroom. Feeling warmer as footsteps made their way further down the hall. I then heard the most beautiful humming from outside, almost making me fall asleep.

I knew I had to find her, I had too many clues now!

Your POV
Luckily, we made it to class on time. Vlad King was talking about the sports festival nearing, it made me smile and forget about the cold feeling in my chest for once.

I was beyond estatic! The sports festival could be the chance to redeem Class 1-B's reputation, maybe even giving us a tad bit more popularity! It's so exciting!

I looked over at Neito who had on his shit-eating grin, He was definitely on to something.

-timeskip to sports festival bc ya'll probably want some shinsou ass right now-

While walking to school, I practiced my singing for the festival. I was really excited!.... and cold, Hopefully my life turns out like one of those cliche animes where I meet my soulmate in an important event, in a crowded area then our eyes lock together like they were searching the deep and long outer space for a century, finally meeting-

"[Y/n]?!" Neito's voice caught me of guard causing me to voice crack, and Neito to laugh.

"Not funny" I crossed my arms and waited for him to shut up, he wiped of a fake tear and cleared his throat.

"You ready for the sports fest?" I nodded estaticly, My mind wandered of to who I could possibly be paired with!.. Hopefully not Midoriya..or Todoroki..or Tokoyami, Oh god or Bakugou.. I'm gonna go out of bounds faster than Iida can run!

-Timeskip to the juicy shit-

Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw, I'm going up against Kaminari. I'm not gonna lie, The guy has killer looks. Like damn, hit me up.

But he ain't my soulmate, His soulmate is probably Sero..

"Are you ready for this?" His voice laced with threat and slight concern, "Nope!" I answered just as Midnight said 'Go!'

I cleared my throat and ran around him keeping my voice soft while singing the deadly lullaby, He seemed to grow dizzy and drowsy because of my spinning and singing.

At a blink of an eye, He yelled and activated his quirk. Thank god I have hops, I jumped already getting a boost from the slight hurricane I made from running in circles so fast, I was able to avoid his attack. Damn, 3,000,000 volts? He must've-

"Weh~" -shortcircuited. I slowly ushered him out of the bounds getting small shocks every now and then, But eventually I got him to step out of bounds.

"YOUNG KAMINARI IS OUT OF BOUNDS, YOUNG [L/N] WINS" Cheers roared across the stadium, I smiled and stepped out of the arena walking to the bleachers with my classmates. "[Y/n]! You did great!" Neito cheered patting a saved seat beside him, I smiled and sat down.

We watched as Midoriya and... Shinsou fought, skmething about Shinsou's appearance brought a warm feeling to me. His hair looks so soft.. But he kinda reminds me of Aizawa-Sensei, are they related? ..Hmm

-after midoriya vs shinsou-

Woah!! His quirk is so cool! Perfect for lemon oneshots.. yeah I know you're reading- ahem- back to the story!

I stared curiously at Shinsou, we made eye contact!! Shit!! I felt my face warm up- oh my god..what if?..


Well damn present mic, I sighed and stood up. "You got this" Neito winked and gave a plus ultra fist bump to the air making me giggle, "I hope so" I walked to the waiting room and sat on one of the foldable chairs.

While waiting, I heard footsteps outside the waiting room, my body temp getting higher and higher. Could it be? Is it really-

"Hey" Shinsou Hitoshi, He walked closer to me slightly panting from the sudden hotness.

"Your soulmate? I noticed-"

"You're hot"


"Was that intended?"

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