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Flashback 5 years ago

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Flashback 5 years ago

Ruby got on her bike and made her way to her best friends house. She wanted to hang out with him one more time before he left for Sweden. Today was his last day in Calgary, his family was preparing for the big move while Ruby was preparing for the big change in her life.

Ruby put her bike down and made her way to William's front door. Before she could even knock the door flew open. "Ruby come in!" Mrs Nylander said to her while holding a box which was labeled with William's name on it.

"Oh can you give this box to William?" Ruby nodded as she handed her the box. Ruby made her way upstairs and turned to the first door to the right, William's room.

"Delivery for William Nylander!" Ruby entered his room and placed the box down. "Hey Ruby!" William was by his window drawing something on his notebook which Ruby gave him for his birthday.

Ruby took a seat across from him and stared at him. She smiled at the sight of him being so focused on his drawing. She's going to miss seeing this view everyday.

"Finished" William turned the notebook around to show his best friend what he drew. It was his signature drawing, a girl reading a book under an apple tree. Ruby never knew the reason why William loved drawing this particular picture. William also never told her that she was that girl under the tree, he wanted to keep it a secret from her.

"Here" he ripped out the paper from his notebook "Keep this as a memory of me" William handed her the drawing. Ruby held it and stared at it, she never knew how much she would miss him.

"Oh wait I also have something else for you" William ran to his desk and pulled out a ring on a string. He returned to his seat to show Ruby what it is. He grabbed Ruby's palm and placed it on her hand "It's a friendship ring, I also have one see" William was already wearing his around his neck.

Ruby grabbed it and tied the string around her neck. "William i'm going to miss you so much" Ruby gave him a hug. She didn't want to let him go, ever. He was her other half, without him she would've have become the person she is today.

The two spent the next couple hours talking. They enjoyed each other's company. Ruby looked at the clock and realized it was time to go home. William walked her to his front door "I guess this is it?" Ruby was the first to give him a hug. "Don't forget about me, promise?" Ruby told him "I promise" William replied back.

"Promise to text and call me everyday okay?" Ruby and William broke apart from their long hug. Ruby began to walk away from William's house. She gave him one last wave before starting her journey back home.

The two did in fact text and call each other every day despite the time difference. The first couple months was going well. As time went by William and Ruby both got busier with their lives and barely had time to communicate with each other. Days without talking turned into months then years.

The two eventually lost contact with each other and grew up.

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