July Twenty- Eight

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Written by: Laura Michelle Thomas, author of 5-star hybrid novel and writing guide, Polly Wants to Be a Writer. Check out her many opportunities for young writers at: www.laurathomascommunications.com.

Start today’s session by writing a short note to your literary dragon. Close your eyes and think about that voice inside you that tells you to stop, go back, and fix what you have already written. That is your literary dragon. Imagine what he or she looks like. Give him or her a name. Now write your dragon a short note. Explain that you truly appreciate your dragon’s critical eye, but that you don’t need that kind of help today. Today––and every day that you are writing your first draft––needs to be dragon-free. Tell your dragon that he or she can have a turn when you start revisions, but not before then. First drafts suck and that’s normal. By muzzling your dragon you will find it easier to keep writing forwards (no matter how bad the draft is) until you get to the final scene.

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