Chapter 2: Feelings

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I was walking to the supermarket as I always did. It seemed like just another shitty day. That next morning tho I decided to go get some coffee. I had been hearing on the News about some explosion and a weird egg had appeared on the site. I thought it was bullshit. I went inside and looked around.

"Hello! Welcome to "Seek Time"! What can I get you?"

I looked towards the cheery voice and saw a man, about 25 years old, behind the counter. He seemed normal besides the bright ass galaxy colored hair. My eyes widen and I stare at the male. He pushed up his glasses and tilts his head.

"Ah uhm black coffee​ with sugar-"

He smiles and nods as he goes and gets the stuff making it in the back. I scratch my head and try to process everything. I bit my lip hard trying to interpret how this man even has galaxy hair.

How does he dye it like that!? It looks so real!

I thought to myself as I watched him make my drink. I take out my wallet and I push my curly blonde hair out my face. I roll up my sleeves as he comes to me. He smiles and takes the money as I hold the coffee. He gives me change back and waves as I leave.

I sip my coffee and I then look at it. My eyes widen at the writing in the cup.
"Hope to see you again~ ;)"
I blush darkly and sip more of my hot coffee. Ah the issues with being gay and socially awkward.

I came back to the coffee shop multiple times. Me and that galaxy haired guy never talked much. Maybe a
"Good morning"
"Thank You"
Or an exchange of my order and him giving me my order. I tried to ignore that he was hitting on me sometimes. The "Have a nice day!~" with a heart on the cup made it obvious. He tried too hard was the thing. I still thought he was sketchy as I came in. I tried shaking the feeling off.

Saturday afternoon I sat at the diner. I ordered and then something happened. He sat in front of me. He smiles and I clear my throat. As he spoke his voice chimed.

"Hi! Im Cerus. How are you?" he asked and smiled at me.
I blushed a little at his smile. I couldn't help that he was flawless and very handsome. I bit my lip slightly then spoke.

"Hi? Im Jonathan..." I say hesitantly. He nods and smiles. "Its nice to meet you~" His voice chimed.
"Uhm so...."
I say and felt weird.
"Do you like my Cafe?" He asked and my brows raise. "This is your cafe?" I ask and he smiles and nods. I mess with my cup awkwardly and he watches me. "Are for tomorrow?" He asks and Im quite surprised. I blush a bit and mess with my empty coffee cup. "Ah well I guess I mean, I don't do anything-" "GREAT!" He smiles at me cutting me off slightly. He looks at the time. "I better get back to work, I hope to see you again tomorrow!~" He smiles and I think it was contagious cause I smiled too. I clear my throat and throw my cup away blushing as I leave. 'Why am I blushing so hard?' I thought to myself as I walk home. 'He's a strange boy and yet...I'm a bit attracted to him.' I thought again as I stop at the door into my apartment. I hesitate opening my door. I heard someone inside my room. I stay still as the noise stopped. 'Someone is in my room...'

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