Chapter 3: Savior

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I stood outside my door and called the cops. I kept hearing the movement in there. After I finished calling them I hung up and took a deep breathe. "Fuck it let's go in there" I thought and I slowly opened my apartment door. I crept inside and looked around. My apartment was nearly pitch black besides the windows with the moon shining in through the curtains. I turned the corner from the kitchen area and saw a man in my living room. He was rummaging through all my things in my drawers in my TV stand.
He had a back from what it looked like. He also had a flashlight. I gasp softly as the light shines towards me. I luckily hid away as that happened. He man quickly scurried near the entrance as he heard the alarms of the cops. My eyes widen as I became face to face with this man.
He quickly grabs me and over powers me with ease. I groan as he put a bag over my head and picked me up carrying me out of my apartment. The quickly ran down the happened to another room and I heard a click of it being unlocked. He set me down and tied me up. I squirm and my heart raced. I was terrified. I still saw blackness from the bag on my head. He spoke with a raspberry voice "Now you're gonna stay here and now make a fucking sound you hear me?" he said. I heard him put his things down that he stole and then a loud grunt followed by a thud. I breathe hard as it was quiet. Then I felt myself get untied and a familiar voice chimed. "It's ok Jonathan, he's knocked out." The bag was took off my head and I saw the beautiful Galaxy colored man, named Cerus. He smiled and I quickly hugged him in relief as I had been so scared. He hugged back and giggled.
I quickly moved away once I realized I had hugged him. I clear my throat
"ah uh- thank you, Cerus I thought I was a goner." My eyes teary and he smiles. I then thought a moment "Wait how did you know about this?" He scratched his head, "I may have sorta followed you home cuz I like you....too much?" I stared at him and then blushed hard. I clear my throat again. "Ah well thanks either way, uh let's go tell the cops about this" I said and we both left the room.
The cops came and took the man in and I put all my stuff back. I asked for Cerus's number in case I needed him again. He hanged out until around midnight then he left. "Tonight has been something else" I thought as I curled into bed to sleep.
Then I had a dream about Cerus that you shouldn't have about someone you just met.

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