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Dear Diary, Today I was sent to Sweden while my family went to war.

I walked around Stockholm looking for a place to stay while the gods went to war when I ran into someone who was way taller than me I looked up to a pair of greenish-blue eyes "You ok?" he asked he has short, light blond hair, he wore a long blue overcoat that appears to be the naval uniform of the 2nd commander from 1920, along with a matching hat, a black shirt and tie, black pants, gloves, boots and glasses, this guy had to be 5'11" I managed to say "Um yeah looking for a place to stay" readjusting my coat. A shorter man walked up to us "Hi I'm Tino Väinämöinen. This is my friend Berwald Oxenstierna." he said he reminded me of a shota, hey don't judge me, he had short blond hair and violet eyes with a cute face, he wore a light blue military uniform with a cross neck-charm on the jacket,white beret on his head he stood 5' 7" at least. "Hi I'm Marceline Charleston. I'm just looking for a place to stay" I said Tino looked at me "By yourself?" "Yeah...I come from a very busy family so I was sent here when everyone went on business trip" I lied (Well it was part truth part lie they did send me here to keep me safe) "You can stay with us" he said "Really? Thanks" I said.

So yeah now I'm here until the war is over which it is soon

Марселина Чарльстон

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