|~Chapter 1: Our Finest Days~|

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                                                                       |~The Introduction~|

Hello! You must be wondering.. who am I? No really who am I..-  Well you can just call me Casanova... or CasCas as Julie prefers to call me.. or Cassy.. the older stallions call me as a tease.. or- You get the picture..! Anyway.. this is pretty much the story, the story of how I met my amazing owner.. Julie! And sadly.. the story of how we broke apart..

September the 3rd, 1990

Monmouth Park's September Race Day

"Julie! Julie! Julie!" I neighed loudly, breaking free from the lead rope that the stable boy had hooked me on. "Sorry young chap!" I smiled as I cantered my way over to her, a huge bright smile appeared on her face as she carried her riding helmet, walking over to me as she wrapped her arms around me. "Woah there! Steady on now boy, you don't want to be wasting all that energy you somehow store! Save it for the big race!" She chuckled as I stood, looking down at her as I gave her a soft nuzzle on the head, ever so gently.

 "Right then, come on boy.." Her father smiled as he took hold of the side of my bridle, leading me through the entrance of the parade ring as Julie quickly mounted me, the crowd cheering as I twitched my ears. I tried to stay on my hooves as I did not want to cause any bother for her father who was leading me proudly, I couldn't help to start rising my hooves a little as I started to trot eagerly, wanting to be in the starting gates.

Julie bent down to whisper as I perked my ears up to listen to what she had to say. "Calm yourself boy.." she reassured in a low, calm voice. I snorted a little as I calmly transitioned to a walk, flicking my tail with class as many rich men quirked a brow at my classy behavior. A tv presenter made her way over, her camera man tagging behind as he filmed her. She started to talk about my form as I glanced up at the betting boards, I flicked my tail once more as I noticed I had been chose as the favorite by the amount of bets that had been placed on me.

Swishing my tail, I relaxed as I was given a little tap with Julie's feet as we started to exit the parade ring, we transitioned slowly into a canter as I was the first horse to make my way down towards the starting gates. The crowd started to cheer again as the commentator read out my number, number 1. "You sure are my number one.." Julie smiled as she gave me a pat, I heard her as I gave her a smooth canter up to my starting gate. 

Approximately 10 minutes later, every race horse that I had competition with had made there way behind us towards their starting gate. I noticed how most of them had sweated up with the heat or from just being too keen to race, however that wasn't the case with me. By the commentator, I had been described as the most relaxed horse their, which was to my advantage.I began to walk to my starting gate, needing no help at all as I was locked in, listening to the sound of other horses kicking and whining, pretty much wasting their energy. I took no notice, waiting for the stable boys to say the all clear when the commentator announced that we were all in.

And with that, we were off, I came out swiftly amongst the group of horses as I kept quiet in 3rd place, not wanting to sprint off all of my energy until the very end. I to my advantage had set the pace, my tail streaming behind me in the breeze as Julie was ready to bring out the whip as we began to turn home. "Come on Cas!" her father shouted in excitement, not pleading though for he knew, I would bring it home. Julie reached for the whip until in that moment, their was no need for it as I started to pick up, sprinting my heart out as I came about 12 lengths in front. Julie's eyes widened as she left the whip, she cheered loudly which drove me into more speed as she punched the air as we crossed the finish line.

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