Chapter 2: Secrets From The Past

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My uncertain steps guided me around the city. While my eyes took in everything around me, my mind filed what I've seen into a small cabinet at the back of my mind.

Euncara is nothing like what I've imagined a city to be like. There are multiple tiers to this humongous fortress. Three of them are accessible to the public—the main merchant square and its surrounding areas, the residential wings, and the main royal promenade. The latter is accessible via an elevator that takes the residents and those seeking an audience with Sultana to the floor in question.

I ignored the elevator and continued on, searching for a café or a vendor selling food and drinks. The hunger gnawing at my stomach grew with every step I took. Several minutes later, I found myself standing in a corner of what is known as Bethesda Lane. The sight spreading out in front of my eyes reminded me of a place I'd seen back home.

Where is home? I wondered.

A thought I couldn't quite grasp hovered in the confines of my mind. It irked me that I couldn't pull the thought forward. While bits and pieces rose every now and then, none of it seemed substantial.

What had caused my amnesia? Would I ever get all of my memories back?

Though I'd gained a little insight into things that didn't seem to matter, none of it gave me much to go on. I'd been left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Now, I needed to fend for myself until my memories came back completely.

"Didn't find what you were looking for, huh?" a voice I was slowly recognizing asked.

I turned and looked up to find Enomendia towering over me. "Not really."

An understanding smile spread across her lips. "You will eventually. Are you hungry?"

My stomach rumbled, answering her question.

Enomendia chuckled. She pointed to a door on the left.

"Come with me. I'll have your belly full in no time," she said, turning around and walking through the door.

I hurried after her, taking in the inn's shabby appearance.

She noticed the frown on my face. "It's not much, I know, but it'll do."

Worn tables and chairs were scattered about the establishment. Humans, Linarians, Iguelas—cat-like people, Elves, Esquachen—known for their burly frames, and Tonoawen—lizard-like people, sat about, drinking and eating to their heart's content. Soft music played in the background throughout the room.

Enomendia pointed to a table in the upper left corner of the room. "Let's have a seat right over there."

I trudged after her and struggled to climb onto the chair.

She chortled and bent down to wrap her hands around my waist. With a flick of her hands, she deposited me onto the chair and sat down.

"Tiny little thing, aren't you?"

My cheeks grew warm. "Linarians are small, for sure. Smallest, like me, are only two-feet-ten. The largest are three feet. Give or take. There have been known to be a few larger folks around us."

The Elven smiled. "See? You're remembering things. That's good, right?"

The heat on my face intensified. "I suppose."

"You suppose? It's a sign your memories are coming back. Soon, you won't know what hit you."

I tilted my head to the left, eyeing her through veiled eyes. "You really think I'll remember my past?"

She nodded. "I do. Most people don't, but you . . . You've been remembering all these little nuggets. I think it's a good thing. Ever since the cataclysm happened, weird things have been happening. Your amnesia, I bet it was caused by the cataclysm."

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