Fractured Memories

Fractured Memories

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Lissette E. Manning By Gethsemane95 Updated Aug 09, 2018

To unlock his future, he must uncover a past he can't remember.

Terrix Atalier finds himself in a strange place with no memories of who or what he once was. His mind has been fractured, the memories unclear. Every second that passes makes him yearn for what he can't remember.

Forced to confront an uncertain world, Terrixx soon realizes nothing is as it seems. There are those who know exactly who is he and where he's come from. They're afraid of what he can discover and are intent on thwarting his every move.

Unwilling to accept the cards life has dealt him, Terrixx delves into the unknown, uncovering secrets he should have left alone. The further he digs into the past, the more his journey of self-discovery is tilted on its axis. Deep inside, he knows he can't leave well enough alone. Somehow, some way, he'll piece together the fragments of the life he once led.