Broken Lies </3

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This is somethng i wrote yesterday at school............. yes i know so lame but hey thats when i can think the best :D any ways tell me what u think and all votew comment and maybe even fan loves ya enjoy :D

I hide my cries deep inside.

I Iie when i say i dont wanna die.

I won't let any one see me cry.

I can't help but hide behind my lies.

My life gose bye in borken lies.

I've believe their lies, my hole life went by with them making me cry.

I've let your stupid lies make me wanna die.

I've let you make me cry.

I cant help but hurt in side.

I want to cry, but I won't believe your lies.

I'll hide my fears and tears deep inside.

I won't let you win.

I won't let you see what you have done to me.

I'll hide the truth with lies like you did to me.

I know you smile when i cry.

I know you'll like it if i died.

You cant lie know more.

I see into you eyes.

You watched me start to die inside.

You tellmore lies just to watch me fall

and cry.

Now all I do is lie.

All I do is live behind broken lies.

Your stupid lies broke me inside and made

me live behind broken lies.

I hope he's happy now. I'll say "Good-Bye"

I'll see him when he dies.

I hope you like it its nice i guess and i love to know what u thinkn love ya byes :D


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