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Driving my car down the road, I pass the 'Welcome to Mystic Falls' sign. Reminding me of the town I never thought I would step foot in again. Shaking my head, I feel my nerves grow stronger as I get closer to my destination. It's only when I pull up in front of the Salvatore Boarding House, that I start to think twice. But as I park my car I decide that I have to do this, besides it's them who need help. And it's about time they know my current state of aliveness.

With darkness behind me, I take a deep breath before swinging open the door. I put on my signature smirk and face the two people who used to mean the world to me. Standing in the living room I take in their shocked expressions as I let two words slip out of my mouth.

"Hello Brothers."

"L-Liliana?" Stefan chokes out, standing up from the couch, his eyes wide. Damon turns away from pouring his drink to stare at me in shock. My smirk grows as they take in my appearance. Being cocky, I laugh at their shock.

"Actually Stefan," I quip at him, "I go by Lily now, but since we haven't seen each other in a while I'll let it pass this time," I say, my voice strong with a hint of amusement. I walk father into the living room, dropping onto the couch. Damn, this place is nice. I've only heard, never been.

"How are you-How are you alive?" Damon questions, his eyes still wide as they fixate on me. I roll my eyes at his question as I throw my head back against the couch, glancing at him.

"C'mon Damon we both know that's a stupid question. I'm not alive, I'm dead just like you. But if you want to be technical, I'm a Vampire," I mock him, whispering Vampire like it's a big secret. I know I should be more understandable with their shock, considering their sister they thought dead for the last 160-some years just walked in their door, but I'm too bitter of a person to be understandable.

Stefan opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted by another person walking into the Boarding House. Stefan and Damon glance at each other nervously as the doppelganger appears. I roll my eyes at their worry. I'm not stupid, I know she's not Katherine. First, Katherine would never be caught dead in the grandma ensemble she's got going on (I may or may not have spotted Katherine from afar once or twice throughout the years) and second I know people who keep me informed on the Supernatural Community. For example, how the next Petrova doppelganger is named Elena Gilbert, who has grown up in Mystic Falls, has a brother, and whose parents died in a car crash. People also tell me that Elena Gilbert has gotten close with a set of brothers, the Salvatores, both who are in love with her. I've heard a lot about her and quite frankly, I don't like her. She's Katherine all over again.

"Who's this?" Elena questions as she gives me a glance over. I stand up to meet her, my smirk in full affect as I reach out my hand to her.

"Hello Elena, the name is Lily," I smile at her brightly. She returns the smile, confusion still evident in her face.

"Uh, not to come off rude but what your doing here?" She glances at Stefan and Damon behind my back but the two are still struck dumb.

"Don't mind them," I tell Elena, dismissing my brother's stupidity, "they were just hit with some surprising news. But back to your question, I'll be staying here for awhile. Which reminds me," I turn to face Stefan and Damon, "which room is mine?"

They share another glance before Stefan answers me, "Um, w-whatever one you want." I nod in reply. Before passing Elena, to head for the door.

"I'll just be a minute, have to get my bags from my car. Go ahead and fill in your girlfriend, she seems very confused," I call to my brothers as I head for my car, careful to listen in to the conversation taking place inside the house.

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