Chris hung up his phone then opened the limo door.

I gave him that look before I got in the limo. As soon as Chris got in after me and closed the door I grilled him hard. Once he got his self settled and seated comfortable he finally looked at me.


“What’s the big event?”, I asked in some anger

“Big event? Girl what you talking about? That was Tyga”

“Yea I know that was Tyga, but what’s going on, why do you need to be on your way over there after the spa”, I asked getting annoyed.

“Baby it’s nothing, why are you so worried”.

“Because I just wanna spend as much time together, and you said we would”, I whinned.

“We have all Vacation, we not leaving yet, can you just stop, I really don’t wanna argue with you”, he said as he rubbed his head then closed his eyes, resting.

“Chris”, I called out but he didn’t respond, he just kept his eyes closed, “CHRISTOPHER!”, still no reply.

I felt my eyes getting misty, I’m not stupid, I could put pieces together real good and I know it’s something probably dealing with Rihanna, but I’m not ging to hold my tongue any longer about this chick.

“It’s because of her right”, I asked him noticing my eyes dripping wetness.

Chris eyes shot open as his eyebrows shot up.

“Who is her?”

“Chris I don’t have time for this little game”, I began to shout, “RIHANNA….Fucking Rihanna! Now tell me is this about her?, What you going over there for? So you and Tyga can chat about her some more!”

“Karrueche what the fuck? Do you hear yourself right now?”

I wiped my eyes, “Just forget it,  I just wanna go lay down, Fuck going to the spa, so you can leave right when I get back at the hotel to go chat about that slut”

Chris looked so annoyed and aggravated but I didn’t care, my feelings were hurt. We sat in silence for the rest of the ride back, my eyes were tearing and it’s like he didn’t even care.

As soon as the limo pulled up by the hotel, I quickly opened the door and dashed out, The body guards walked with me. As Chris caught up.

When we reached the room, I open the door, and stormed off to the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it.

“Karrueche!”, Chris yelled outside of the bathroom door.

I ignored him, as I sat on the floor crying.

“Baby please open the door, why are you crying? How could you assume all of that dumb shit from ONE PHONE CALL”

“Chris just leave me alone, I’m tired of feeling like this”, I cried out while getting off the floor moving close to the door.

“Feeling like what? Karrueche where is all of this coming from, just some hours ago we was this perfect couple, what the hell is going on, please open the door so we can talk about this”

I swung open the door with tears streaming down my face causing my mascara to run, “I’M TIRED OF THIS”, I shouted as I pushed Chris chest hard.

“Tired of what!”, he yelled back trying to calm me down but I didn’t,  I kept pushing Chris chest causing him to back up into the wall.

“Tired of feeling like I’m not good enough for you, Tired of feeling like I’m just some girl you use to get over your EX! You don’t even say you  love me!, all you care about is YOU”

Chris stopped me from pushing him, he held my arms tight, he put his forehead to mine.

“Baby stop”, he told me sternly, “All that you said is not true, I care for you too much to hurt you, Rihanna’s my Ex for a reason, you are my lady, soon to be wife for a reason, please calm down, I don’t like seeing you like this, it hurts me more than it’s hurting you”, he told me.

He slowly let go of my arms, I wiped my eyes with the back of my right hand,

“How could you say all that but you can’t even say you love me”, I asked him wanting to cry some more.

“Karrueche we talked about this already, I never told any female I loved them except my mother, I know it’s hard to understand but things like this takes time”

I wiped my eyes again and just walked away, I heard him sigh.

“Karrueche, what do you want me to say or do, why are you acting like this?”

I ignored his question, then sat on the bed. I starred away from Chris.

“Is she over there, and let’s not play guessing games this time”, I spoke out with a serious and dull tone.

“Karrueche, okay yea, she’s at the same Hotel as Tyga and Chyna, But baby that don’t mean nothing, I mean you could even come with me if you don’t trust me”

I looked at Chris for a moment, he had this sorry look on his face, but I wasn’t buying it, I laid down.

“Just go, I wanna sleep, I don’t feel like doing anything anymore”, I told him as I closed my eyes.

He walked over to the bed and laid on it beside me then began rubbing my back, “I don’t wanna go no more either, I wanna stay here with you”.

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