Why Should I Enter This Contest?

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NOTE - The first part of this is a repeat of the book summary, so if you've already read it, you can skip it and check out the testimonials from last year, towards the end.

🛑 - CLOSED for Submissions

Does your work stand out in an overly-crowded landscape? Even here on Wattpad, more and more stories are uploaded every day.

Does your story & writing stand out as far as:

★ - Concept

★ - Voice

★ - Storytelling

The Standouts is a fun, but hopefully helpful contest that can give you a sense of whether your story resonates with someone who's got some experience under her belt.

Great! But who are you to judge? Fair question.

This is not to humble-brag, but I've been critiquing and working with story development for quite some time, and to some degree, I know what I'm doing.

☙ - As an Ambassador, I work on content projects.

☙ - If you look at my profile, you'll see everything I've published so far has managed to standout in one way or another, whether by leading me to become a Wattpad Star; or by winning a Watty (twice!); or by being picked as a Top 10 in major Wattpad contests (twice!); or being featured. All I'm saying is I'm no slouch. I'm not brilliant either. But I've got some experience about what can catch and agent, editor, or judge's eye, and I'd like to share that with the community.

☙ - In another lifetime, I used to work for HBO in Development and at ICM (the talent agency) in their writers' department which means I understand how professionals quickly gauge whether or not they'll take a closer look at a work and/or make an offer. This kind of insight can be helpful if you're planning to submit your work or even just want to stand out more here on Wattpad.

☙ - I used to provide critiques for three writers, all of them traditionally published. They seemed to value my insight.

☙ - I read the trades and often check out the #MSWL and #pitmad threads, even though I'm not querying. I'm an industry junkie and that might serve you well. 😄 Honestly, if you're serious about getting published, you should be reading the trades regularly too. Sign up for Publisher's Marketplace for at least a month and dig into the Deals database, check out AgentQuery, and track your favorite agents' #MSWL and #pitmad tweets.

Am I sure I want to do this?

Well, here are just a few comments from critiques I did in 2018.


Oh my goodness. Thank you so much! What I just read is probably some of the most helpful advice that I've ever received.

- SongofLightandShadow


First of all, I just want to say that the critique is extremely helpful, so thank you! It highlights the problem points as a whole as well as pointing out the specific areas so I know what I need to get working on. Again, thanks a ton for taking time out to do this!

- Snigdha


I just read through your in-depth review and am very thankful for it! I'm so glad that you gave it to me straight :) I also love how you incorporated some resources to improve the story with. I will definitely take those into account when I revise the book in the future. You were very straightforward and gave great constructive criticism.

- thesongist


Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking a look at it, and your feedback was super helpful!

- italychick


Thank you so much for the feedback! Very helpful and helped me to understand how I'll revise after I'm finished writing the book.

- calmwolf


I found the review really informative. It gives me an idea of what to work on to strengthen my writing. Thank you.

- JMills_


Thank you so much for the review! It is the most specific one I've gotten so far, and I'm glad for the advice you've given me.

- Moonlightshadow412


I just want to thank you for taking the time to read through the story. It means a lot when someone is willing to put in time to make an honest assessment, especially of this size. I found myself agreeing with everything you mentioned.

- SVFrenklakh


Thanks for the feedback on my submission. I thought it was a very interesting and insightful critique and I found it very helpful.

- DarrenDean1  


OK, well that's all dandy for you, but what do I get out of this?

Read the RULES, LOGISTICS & PRIZES chapter for guidelines and to see if this contest is right for you. I'm limiting the contest to 20 entries, so don't dawdle too long. 😊

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