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the scrimmage only further proved that ducks were just not on our level. i wasn't sure why they had been picked as the blueprint for this team, when it looks like they haven't played in two years.

i passed the puck to luis, expecting him to be able to hit it in and go. but, of course, his speed got the better of him and he rammed right into both the goal and the goalie.

luis slipped off his helmet, tapping the goalie with it,"thanks for breaking my fall."

he griped as luis got up and skated away,"yeah, anytime."

blondie got the puck and quickly made a goal against julie. he was the only one who seemed to be able to keep up.

"good one, adam!" coach called out to his apparent golden boy.

danny skated to my side, smiling,"how's it going? anyone better than you yet?"

i shrugged and tapped my stick on his helmet, not having any exact words for him. blondie could definitely give me a run for my money, but i wasn't too sure about the rest of the people here.

"everyone duck!" coach yelled abruptly.

i immediately dropped to the ground, wondering what the fuss was about. but i quickly learned as i watched the duck enforcer hit the puck.

it went flying around the rink, hit the edge of the wall and ran right into tibbles face, who had chosen the exact wrong time to come back into the building.

i looked at the man who had just been knocked out with concern,"shit, is he okay?"

i got up from the ground as we all skated over to see him. bombay hopped over the rink walls and went to investigate.

i felt someone's body pressed against me and glanced up to see the blondie. i was a little confused as to why he was so close to me, but i figured he was just trying to get a better look at the scene. he must have noticed my eyes, because he looked down and smiled.

danny turned my head forward as tibbles woke up. i silently thanked him, glad that he had done that.

tibbles clearly had some sort of concussion, because what he said was barely coherent,"uh, yes i'll have the cheeseburger and fries. and a milkshake."

we laughed before the lady standing beside him chuckled lightly and nodded,"i think you'll be alright."

don stood up, adjusting his blazer, and trying to grip onto any pride he had left,"this is ms. mackay. she's the teams tutor."

i frowned distastefully, the thought of school making me feel unenthusiastic at best. groans erupted around me.

"i don't need no school." dean grunted.

i knit my eyebrows, not sure that was entirely true. everyone had their various complaints, but i decided to keep my mouth shut.

the ducks goalie tried using his charisma to get out of this tutor situation,"ms. mackay, we're america's team here. shouldn't we focus on hockey? may i suggest optional attendance?"

we all nodded in agreement, feeling his words lined up with what we wanted.

danny leaned down to whisper in my ear, "school is easy, i don't know what everyone's complaining about."

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