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hockey had always been my life. ever since i accidentally sat on the tv remote when i was six, revealing the winter olympics hockey game. so, you could imagine my jealousy when my best friend, danny madison, was chosen for the junior olympics instead of me.

"i can't believe you got picked." i rolled my eyes as i made my way home with the boy who stole my dreams.

of course i was happy for him, but that doesn't mean i wasn't seething for myself.

he was grinning from ear to ear, knowing nothing of my envy,"i know! it's exciting!"

i sighed, dismissing his excitement with the wave of my hand,"yeah, yeah. come on my mom made pasta."

i pulled my keys out of my jacket pocket and unlocked the door, pushing it open for him to enter.

"nice!" he exclaimed.

i chuckled, his enthusiasm uncharacteristically notable,"well, you're just full of energy today, aren't you?"

i placed my keys on the hooks that were perpendicular to the door. danny and i walked through the kitchen and into the living room, our original plan being to work on our homework.

but that was before we knew about the unexpected company that sat in my favorite spot on the couch.

i knit brows together, not sure why there was a strange, elfish looking man in my house,"oh, sorry. who's this?"

danny gave me a devilish smile, telling me he knew what was happening,"that's the guy that talked to my parents yesterday."

i raised my eyebrows, feeling excitement bubble inside me. if he's the guy that talked to danny's parents about joining the olympics, then the only conclusion i could draw was that i too had just been offered a spot.

the cheery man stood up, walking over to shake my hand,"scarlett gilinksy, nice to meet you. my name is don tibbles and i want you to represent your country."

i grinned, unable to contain the energy that had been itching to burst out,"really?! yes!" i turned to my mom, trying to clarify that this was happening,"yes, right?"

my mom smiled lightly, seeing no reason to negotiate,"of course. it's your dream."

i thanked my mom, glad that she had been so easy to persuade. usually, i'm not even allowed to go to the mall without at least a group of four. so this was clearly a really big deal.

tibbles smiled, feeling his work at this house was complete,"well, i will see you two in three days. i've left any and all information in the packet on the table."

we said our goodbyes, thanking him as my mother showed him the way out.

"you know where we go next?" danny asked me, his dark eyes lit up in a way i've never seen before.

"uh," i drew out the sound emitting from my throat, grabbing the packet to take a look at where we would be training,"minnesota."

danny smirked, lifting me up and throwing me over his shoulder,"to the top!"

i giggled and hit his back, urging him to put me down,"your noodle legs are gonna give out, madison, let me down!"

he gasped in offense, throwing me down immediately. i hit the floor with a grunt, finding the situation comical.

he frowned jokingly,"you know i'm sensitive about my noodle legs."

i chuckled and patted them from my place on the floor,"they're beautiful."

"thank you."

my mom reentered the room, looking between the two of us quizzically, undoubtedly wondering how i had ended up on the floor.

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