part 1,

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Danny looked at the arpartment where his best friend and crush of 3 years waited. He saw him in the window and he waved at him and his heart started beating to fast. he opened the door
"Hey silly get in!" He said and hen gulped and pulled his luggage into the house.
Drew hugged him
"I've been so lonely since amanda went missing in afganistan."
"That's so brace of her. She loved you.'
Drew stared at him for a minute.
"Yeah... Let's get you settled in!" And then he helped him to his room.
"It's a one bedroom place so you'll have to share a room with me." He smiled at him.
"It'll be like a sleepover!"
"Totally!" Then there was a knock at the door and Danny followed drew to the door where they found a girl with long brown hair and big purple eyes waving.
"Hi?" Said drew.
"Hi" she said flipping her hair back revealing her badass studded belt around her black jeans and black top that had sleeves to her middle arm and skull earrings and black makeup.

"I'm your neighbor Jackie!" She said happily.
They both shook her hands.
"If you need anything come on over!" She said and then left.
"She was nice." Said Danny.
"And pretty cute." Said drew
And Danny felt a pain in his heart. Was drew totally straight? He always wondered if he was bi because of how he flirted with him sometimes on skype.
He didn't know if he would tell him he is gay and is in love with him. Then drew gave him a sweet smile and he felt warm again.

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