Chapter 2: Assistant

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As Tony's new assistant you have gotten closer to the man. He considered you one of his best friends.

Tony often sent you to get him stuff a lot. Mostly because he wanted to see you.

You were also oblivious to Tony having a crush on you. I mean, come on?

Tony knew it would never work out though. He was way older than you. By 25 years.

So he kept his mouth shut and nodded. He hated not flirting with you. He just wanted to flirt and flirt and flirt.

"Mr.Stark, I'm going on my lunch break." You said and sent him a sweet smile.

"You can call me Tony, and May I Join?" He asked innocently. You shrugged and nodded. Tony excitedly got out of his seat.

"Happy drive to.......(favorite restaurant)." Tony said and sent you a small smile. Happy nodded and started the car.

"So, Tony.." you said trailing off. Tony stared at you. You were so beautiful. You raised a brow at him.

"Um, How's being my assistant working out for you?" He asked wearily. You chuckled and said,

"It's working out fine. I actually love working here."

Tony smiled and was happy to hear that. Then the car came to a stop.

"We're here" Happy said and parked the car. Tony opened the door for you and You slowly walked out.

He held his hand out, you took it which made him really happy. As you walked into the restaurant, Happy gave Tony a thumbs up.


"That was incredible." You said and walked out of the restaurant. Tony nodded in agreement.

"Thanks for taking me here, Tony." You said and kissed his cheek innocently. Tony's expression was serious.

Internally he was yelling with happiness. 'She Kissed Me!'

You smiled at him and got back into the car. Tony walked with you and sat next to you, a grin on his face.

"Back to work." You said and sighed. Tony nodded, then your phone rang.

"Shoot." You said and picked it up. You answered and sighed.

"It's Peter." Tony stiffened. He forgot about the other SpiderLing.

"Yeah, Ok Peter. I'm Fine. Tony just took me out to dinner. No not like a date." You said and chuckled.

Tony's expression dropped and he looked at his hands. Dammit.

"Yeah, Ok. Love you too. Bye." You said and hung up. You gave Tony an apologetic look.

"Sorry about that," you said and noticed the drop on his face. "You ok?"

Tony looked up at you and forced a smile.

"Yeah. Everything's great."


After Several Days, you noticed Tony has become distant.

He never called you when needed and he often had woman coming into his tower. Which we all knew what led to.

You sighed, you suspected the Billionaire just needed his alone time.

You didn't care, honestly, you could care less.

But Tony cared. He brought every woman he found just to get you out of his mind. He's yelled your name at least four times already, during sex.

The other girls ignored because they were having sex with the Tony Stark.

He wanted to have you so badly. He could treat you way better than anyone else.

He needed Peter's blessing? Nah, Let's not tell the Spider-Ling yet.

So,One Day, he confidently told you to come into his office. He smiled because this was it, this was going to be the truth.

He was nervous, but then he would play it off as he was lying. Which always goes right. Right?

"Yes, Mr.Stark?" Tony looked up from his papers. He frowned when he saw someone next to you.

They were wearing an all clad suit. Red and black. He had utility belt, with katanas and guns on his back.

"Woah. Y/N you didn't tell me you worked here!" The man said.

Tony raised a brow. This can only be a friend. Tony's just overthinking it. His foot began to tap rapidly onto the floor.

A bad habit he had caught when you entered the office.

"Oh, Sorry, Tony this is Wade Wilson-."

"Pool, Dead." Wade said and went up to shake his hand. Tony nodded and shook his head.

"He's my boyfriend." You said smiling as Wade wrapped his arms around you.

Tony gulped and looked between you and Wade.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

"I'm sorry what?" Tony asked again, he needed to make sure he heard right. Wade chuckled and sent Tony a smile.

"I'm her boyfriend."

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