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Updating for ryllee09

A half hour later Rayne had decided to crawl out of the water before she turned into a living raisin. She could feel Sweet Pea's glare burning into both her and Fang as they dried off with Fang's shirt. Chuckling Fang glanced at the angered Serpent boy before lowering his voice so only Rayne could hear him. "If looks could kill, everyone would be dead."

  Rayne giggled as she tugged on her jeans, a small smirk playing on her lips as she nudged Fang's arm. "Isn't everyone dead in their own way?"

  "Yeah" Fang laughed as he pulled on his boots. "We just be real life dead once we decide to go near Sweets"

  "He isn't that ballsy" Rayne mused as she slipped her shirt on. "Trust me"

  "No offense but I'll keep my distance" Fang stated as he winked at her, grabbing his empty beer bottle. "I'll see you later"

  Rayne nodded as she slipped on her jacket. "I have to work in the morning, so I'll see you tomorrow"

  "Night Rayne" Fangs hummed out as he left the girl alone.

  Rayne rolled her eyes with a sigh as she grabbed her keys. "Rayne Jones!"

  Turning around, Rayne flashed a smile at Toni as the brown skinned girl walked up to her. "Hey Tone"

  "Sweet Pea is beyond pissed" Toni mused as she slung her arm around Rayne. "Jealousy is a very new look on him."

  "Eh" Rayne shrugged. "Only new for you, he has always been jealous when I hang out with other boys"

  "Makes sense" Toni stated. "He worships you"

  "I know" Rayne hummed out. "Trust me, Dad said the same thing,"

  "Everyone knows you own Sweet Pea and Sweets own you" Toni said with a laugh.

  "Nobody owns anyone" Rayne moved away from Toni. "I have work in the morning so I'm going home, text me?"

  "Yeah" Toni answered.

  Rayne grinned, waving her friend goodbye as she started to go towards her motorcylce.

  Loud footsteps followed Rayne's small quiet ones as she walked up the trail to where she left her bike. Rayne hummed as she pulled out her cigarette pack and lighter and lit a cigarette.  "Can I help you?" Rayne asked as she contuined walking.

  Without an answer Rayne was pushed against a large oak tree on the side of the trail. A small amused grin on her lips as she raised an eyebrow, unafraid of her attacker. She sniffed the air slowly, the scent of cinnamon and pine taking over her senses.

  "Why the fuck were you half naked with Fang?" Sweet Pea snapped, his voice dark.

  Rayne took a hit from her cigarette. "Well you see, I'm old enough to make my own choices without running it through you, Sweets. I'm not ten anymore."

  "No but your father left me in charge of you." Sweets snapped again.

  "So what?" Rayne hissed. "Are you going to spank me for defying your orders?"

  Sweet Pea was pressed against Rayne, keeping her in place. "Don't test me Rayne"

  Rayne grinned widely as she stood on her tiptoes, their noses brushing. "Why? You might like it?"

  "Go home" Sweet Pea realeased Rayne as he quietly thanked the Gods for the fact it was dark, his cheeks bright red as he watched Rayne laugh.

  "Don't worry, Sweets. We all have urges" She laughed out as she moved away from the tree and playfully patted his cheek before fixing her shirt that had ridden upwards. "Night"

  "Night" Sweet Pea grumbled out as Rayne vanished into the darkness.

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