Chapter 2 - Sick

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Minho spent the next few days in the same way, telling Chan the best way to get his feelings across to Woojin, and Chan listening intently as always. However, as Chan and Woojin became friends, he began to feel like he no longer wanted to help. He tried to convince himself that he did, persuading himself to believe that what he felt was not jealousy, and that Chan could never replace him, but some part of him couldn't let it go. He didn't know why.

Eventually Chan found the courage to talk to Woojin more, bringing the two closer together. As if half the school hadn't done that already. And as Chan slowly grew in confidence around him, that feeling grew. He refused to believe he was jealous but seeing the other two boys together made him sick to his stomach. The relationship they had, the way they looked at each other- he wanted to have that again. He didn't know who from. He just wished he didn't think of it that way.

Chan, on the other hand, was happy. Woojin may have been only a friend, but his confidence was growing, to the point where he could no longer see the sad look in Minho's eyes, or hear how empty his voice was when he spoke - he was too caught up in his own fantasy. He didn't realise that his best friend wanted him back. He found the courage to tell Woojin how he felt; Woojin accepted his feelings. Before Minho knew it, he was no longer the most important person in Chan's life, and he hated it. He hated how he waited for him after school, and all he would talk about walking home was his new boyfriend. It sickened him; he was lonely. And he didn't want it. He stopped waiting for Chan after school, tired of hearing Woojin's name all the time. It used to be a habit, but sometimes, some habits can be easy to get out of. The two boys drifted apart- too slowly for either to notice. Until Chan came to his door one day.

"Hey" Chan stood smiling when Minho opened the door. Minho, naturally, smiled back. He felt warmth again. I missed you, he thought. He missed seeing Chan smiling at him.


A/N: I know this is a really short chapter but it's important and doesn't really link with the chapters either side of it so oh well. I think I'm going to update this three times a week?? Probably Monday, Wednesday/Thursday (depends how I feel about that chapter), and Saturday. This'll be a pretty short story (only about 7/8 chapters long) but I could add more to it if you guys want.

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