Chapter 2

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Second POV:

As the team was preparing for their practice, your eyes were following only one player.

"(Y/N)? What's wrong? Found someone interesting?" (F/N) nudges you with her elbow, teasing your frozen state.

"His hair is so yellow! It's like a tennis ball!!" You happened to be so astonished by that fact, that your voice was louder than you wanted it to be. Everyone heard you...

Most of the team was giggling at your comment, however... The boy in question was shooting daggers at you with his glare! You directly crouched down, hiding behind the railing! You do not do well with sudden attention.

"Oh my God! I didn't mean to say that out loud!"  You hide your face with your hands, embarrassed at what just happened! While your lovely best friend stands there laughing at you.

A whistle is heard, and that means the practice has started. You get back to your seat and watch the practice. According to (F/N), this school is one of the strong ones; she called them a powerhouse? Again, you aren't familiar with this world, but you understood that they are strong.

You start getting bored, seeing the ball fly back and forth. Until you heard one big bang, making the whole gym quiet. You hear whispers from the girls next to you and see some kind of fear in their eyes. However, you were too interested in what made that sound to give them any attention.

You stand at the railing to get a better look and watch the game carefully to see what made that sound. The ball went back and forth a few times and then... You saw it... A bright round yellow head was running up to the net, jumping and slamming the ball on the other side of the net with great force!

"Woaaaah!! Did you see that!! He slammed that ball so hard; it could have exploded!" Ok, you are not the quietest person... Especially when you are excited about something!

Once again, you have everyone staring at you, but you didn't care this time. You were fascinated and busy staring at the boy who is glaring at you for calling him a tennis ball.

"(Y/N)! Keep quiet! You are disturbing their practice!" (F/N) tries to calm you down, she likes Oikawa and she doesn't want you embarrassing yourself and her any more than you already did!

"Ne, ne! He must be the reason why they are a strong team right?" You ask (F/N) thinking she knows about the team, forgetting that her only interest in that team is Oikawa.

"Do you mean Kyōtani-san?" One of the girls nearby heard you and approached you.

"Is that Yellowhead's name?" Both the girl and your best friend give you a questioned look at your weird nickname...

"Yes, Kyōtani Kentarō. He's a second-year member. If you meant he was the Ace, he isn't." The brunette tries the correct your misunderstanding.

"Oh, who is the Ace then?" You ask, wondering why you didn't recognize the guy who is suppose to be the one leading the team to victory.

"That's Iwaizumi Hajime-Senpai. He's the Ace and Vice Captain. He's a third-year member." She points to a guy in the number 4 jersey on the opposite side of Yellowhead.

"Wow... He looks serious." You look closely at the Vice Captain, inspecting him from head to toe. He was the complete opposite of Yellowhead. He had dark brown spiky hair, and he looked composed and calm.

"Iwaizumi-Senpai takes things seriously, sometimes even more than the captain himself. We sure are glad he's here, or else Kyōtani-san would be all over the place." She gives a sigh of relief.

"Eh? What do you mean?" You ask curiously. Usually, the Vice Captain doesn't have a big effect on the team, at least not as big as the Captain.

"Kyōtani-san doesn't listen to anyone; he causes a lot of trouble. Especially for the third-years. The only person he listens to and respects is Iwaizumi-Senpai."

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