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'Toe-muz no! Please---don't!

Alina clutched her chest when she heard Emily's pleading voice just as she opened the front door. What was Tomas doing to her niece?

OMG is he hurting her?

Alina raced towards the living room. Emily's pleading voice was coming from there. Where the hell was Caroline? Could she not hear darling Emily's plea for help!

'Emily!' Alina burst into the living room to see a smiling Caroline sitting there, with not a care in the world. Infact there was a look of pure adoration plastered across her face. Alina's eyes flew to the floor, to see Emily giggling. She was on her back, wrestling with a blind-folded Tomas who was on all fours. They were playing Blind Man's Bluff.

'Aunt Alina save me, save me. The dinosaur wants to eat me up.'

Tomas ripped the blindfold of when he heard Alina's voice. She was still clutching her chest, as she observed the pretty picture the three of them made. Her hand gradually fell when she realized her niece was not in any danger of physical abuse. Good heavens, how could she have even thought anything so despicable?

'I got you,' Alina smiled, lifting Emily into her arms.

'Thank you, Aunt Alina,' she hugged her aunt. 'The dinosaur put his head in my tummy and he was tickling me,' she laughed, directing a happy smile at the dinosaur.

'Why aren't you in bed yet?' Alina questioned.


'Hello cara,' Tomas stood up, distracting Alina. He tucked the scarf that was used as a blindfold into his pocket He put one arm around Emily and the other around his wife's shoulders and kissed her lips. Alina felt herself blush at his possessive kiss.

'Kiss me too Toe-muz,' Emily offered her cheek to Tomas. He obliged smilingly.

'Hey Caroline,' Alina smiled at her sister. She shifted away from Tomas' hold.

'Hi,' Caroline smiled. 'I'm glad you're finally home. Your niece refuses to go to bed, and Tomas has not had dinner yet. He insisted on waiting for you.'

Alina's eyes flew to Tomas. Good heavens why had he not eaten yet? It is so late!

Not that she had had anything to eat. The restaurant had been so busy, she hadn't had the time and then she was too exhausted to eat and decided to head home.

'Sorry,' Alina murmured. 'I hoped you'd continue without me,' Tomas was on the receiving end of her guilty look.

'I'll put Emelia to bed,' Tomas offered. 'You set the table,' he took Emily into his arms.

'Thank you Toe-muz,' she beamed happily. 'Night mum. Night Aunt Alina.'

'I'll say good night too,' Caroline smiled.

'Oh you can stay and have coffee with us or something,' Alina pleaded. For some reason she did not want to be alone with Tomas.

'I know your husband has been waiting rather patiently for you,' she whispered conspirationally.

Alina's cheeks turned scarlet. She waved dismissively to Caroline and walked into the kitchen. Was he really looking forward to me coming home?

Alina opened the pots. There was a delicious looking chicken casserole. Alina heated some bread rolls. She took out a bottle of wine. She was so tired. All she wanted to do was grab a shower and curl up on her pillow, but she would have to sit through the meal with Tomas, especially since he'd not had his meal yet. He must be starving!

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