Teddy Bear (Shizuo x OC Drabblefic)

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"Shizuo..." I whispered. I mean, kissing in the dark street. I wasn't used to such things, such...scandalous things. Even if Shizuo and I had been a couple for six months, it was just...so...wow. Being so public, it was...wow.
"Ssh..." he said, putting a long finger to my lips and turning around, "I smell Flea." He took a defensive stance in front of me. "That bastard...."
I grabbed the back of his blazer. "Please, Shizuo...not tonight. I want it to be just us...let's have one night without the mention of Izaya. I just want you...."
"But..." he said, his voice a bit strained, "you know how I get around him. I can't control myself. I just...I just want to kill. I can't...."
I sighed. "I know, but...not tonight. Let's just have a peaceful night, okay? I want us to be together, ya know?" I took a deep breath before slowly constructing this next sentence. "I...come to my place...now. Shizuo. Please."
I felt his muscles tense. "W-what? What did you just say?"
I hugged him from behind. "Come sleep in my bed tonight."
"Are you serious?" I could tell he was really surprised; I'd never invited him to spend the night before, mostly out of fear. I was twenty-four and a virgin. Of course, Shizuo was a twenty-six-year-old virgin, but he always insisted on staying the night, each attempt turned down. It wasn't that I didn't love Shizuo; I did with all my heart. I was just...afraid.
I hugged him closer. "Positively. As long as you dump Izaya, just for now. Please. I want you to be my teddy bear to cuddle."
I heard him smirk and he shifted, turning around and pulling me into a passionate kiss. His lips, soft and tasty, made me moan the tiniest bit and close my eyes.
Suddenly I felt my feet being pulled out from under me and my torso being lifted. When I opened my eyes Shizuo's face was right beside mine and I was being carried bridal style.
I felt my face heat up. "S-Shizuo. What are you doing?"
"Hmph," he grunted. "Heading to your place, like you said. I'm not letting you back out just yet, not when you're finally accepting me."
I was surprised for a moment but smiled. "Okay." I hugged his head close to mine and kissed his forehead. "Thanks, Shizuo. Looks like you can control yourself for a day."
He blushed furiously but said the cutest line ever: "Anything to be your teddy bear for a little while."

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