Author’s Note:

This is my first ever story written on WattPad and I am extremely proud of it, I owe my sister the inspiration since she wrote a similar story like this but not entirely the same. If you hate violence then the parts in the middle of the story are not for you. Cast suggestions should be posted on my profile or as a comment below. :]

“What shall I get for Chrissie’s birthday?” I asked my best friend Melissa as we passed most of the shops in the mall. I hated shopping for people, I really did. It was the biggest dilemma ever, Chrissie’s 40th birthday present. It was a huge milestone for her, and lots of teasing for me. Chrissie’s been there for ever since birth; she knew my mom and was her best friend and rock. They met in elementary school and were always there for each other. I owe Chrissie everything; she took me in when mom got shot three years ago. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

“How about buying her a weekend away in a fancy hotel?” Melissa suggested as she held up a brochure about a fancy hotel. It was a great idea but would Chrissie really like it? She was someone who preferred low key stuff like photo frames or a new table for her house. Melissa decided to pick the brochure up and give it to me if I really wanted to give Chrissie that birthday present.

“I don’t know,” I replied as we kept walking by all the shops. Because me and Chrissie only lived in her house, it was up to me to buy the best present ever. I’m an only child you see, mom never had any more kids so I was spoilt rotten if that is what you’d call it. I decided that I’d get a bite to eat first before making that big decision.

“Can we eat at Subway’s?” Melissa’s eyes shot up as I pulled out my purse. Only ten dollars in my purse, I‘d only be able to afford lunch, what would I tell Melissa? I decided to push that thought out of my head and go to the nearest ATM. My job was supposed to pay me a big salary every time I worked so why didn’t I have enough money?

“I’m going to the ATM, I’ll be back,” I told Melissa as I pulled out my credit card. What if someone stole my money? I panicked, I was an extremely careful person and if they did stole my money then I could punch them right? I wasn’t an extremely violent person but ever since mom got shot, I had to be. Her killer was still looming around San Francisco and I could be the victim.

I ended up being at the queue for the ATM as usual, I picked a bad time for an important issue.

“Hey,” someone called from behind. Who was it? I didn’t recognise anyone from the line, maybe it was Melissa. Who knew? I turned around; it wasn’t exactly kind to keep ignoring the person was it?

I got the biggest surprise of my life; Damien Hugh was there behind me, my new boss. I forgot that I was starting work on Monday and that we had a new boss. How could I forget? Melissa told me all about Damien and how the company he used to run was a success.

“Hi,” I replied back, brushing my hair back. I had to make a good impression, if I was drunk and very unsociable, I’d probably be fired. I know it sounds stupid but it was true, last time I had a job, I got fired by being unsociable.

He started to chuckle as I ran my hair through my fingers. It was a huge habit, whenever someone that took my breath away was near me, I’d do that.

“I have to go, see you on Monday!” He glanced back at me before walking off. Being a twenty two year old party girl seriously had its moments and this was one of them.


“There you are!” Melissa cried as I made my way across Subway’s. It took me twenty minutes to get the money and only 100 dollars of it too. Shopping was so fun!

“I’m meeting Sam tomorrow,” Melissa announced as we grabbed our food. Sam was her boyfriend of two years and I was surprised they were still going strong. But I was happy for her; she deserved someone special to take care of her. I, on the other hand was a single girl living in a lonely and depressed world. I couldn’t help it, my last relationship was with my childhood sweetheart before he got killed and that was five years ago. I secretly miss him, every day without Michael is hard but who needs a boyfriend when you have a best friend?