At first I thought that Dalton was joking about being in a boy band, but then I saw his serious expression. "Why didn't you tell me before?" He hesitated for a minute. "I didn't want to overwhelm you. First I told you I was famous and I thought that was enough for one day." It actually made sense to me. "Thanks for thinking of me, but feel free to share any other important information with me."  

"Do you want to know some stuf about me before the band?" I was interested and nodded. "I was born in Memphis, Tenessee. My family moved to Sunnyville, Texas when I was 2. So basically that's the only place I remember living. I went to public school for a few years and then I was homeschooled for a while. At 11, I decides to start guitar lessons. After a couple of years, I signed up for The School of Rock in Frisco. It was such an awesome experience, getting to be around other rockers that loved music as much as me. I was in a band with a couple friends and we were called 'Fly Away Hero'. I was soon accepted to the Booker T Washington School for the Visual and Performing arts. I was so siked to go but then I got a call to audition for the boy band. I knew that it was a once in a lifetime offer, so me and my dad moved to LA. My mom and my sisters stayed in Texas and it is hard at times to be away from them. After many hours of auditions and practicing, I earned my spot as one of the members of 'IM5'. A few weeks later I got to meet the 4 other guys." 

The fact that he told me so much about him, made me feel special. "Wow, your life is definitely more exciting than mine will ever be." He shook his head. "You don't know that for sure. I promise you that if you work hard, you can achieve your biggest dreams." He was so reassuring and I knew he was right.  

"Would you like to hear us sing?" He looked eager to show me and I was honestly pretty eager myself. "Ok." I didn't want to sound too enthusiastic. He pulled out his iPhone. "This is a mashup of Call Me Maybe and Payphone." I watched the screen as 5 adorable teens sang on toilets, did flips and were just having a good time. It made me grin and Dalton noticed. "I can see you like it." I nodded. "Well I'm very glad to hear that. If you hated us, I would totally not admit to knowing you." I laughed, "Well I loved it, those songs sound great together and to guys are awesome at harmonizing." Dalton made a weird face and winked at me. "Why thank you. Now here is a picture and I'm going to tell you everyone's name and a little bit about them. Pay attention, there will be a test."  

I stared down at the picture and he pretended to tell a story. "A long time ago in the town of Los Angeles, California, 5 boys came together to form 'IM5'. There was a 14 year old, with curly brown hair that was always hidden under a baseball cap. He came all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and his name was Dana Vaughns. There was a 16 year old named Cole Pendery. He had Carmel colored hair and loved to travel with his family. He moved to LA from Dallas, Texas. There was another 16 year old who didn't have to move because he already lived in LA. He Had black hair and was a piano prodigy. There was Gabriel (Gabe) Morales, a 17 year old from Miami, Florida. He had very dark brown hair and was a dancer, actor and comedian. And then there was me. Dalton Rapattoni, a 16 year old from Sunnyvale, Texas. He had blond.." I cut him off. "I'm pretty sure I don't need to hear about you." He pretended to look offended and then giggled. "Ok now it's your turn to tell me their names!" I pointed to each of them and was successful. I was rewarded with a high-five. So not worth it.  

"I'm so proud of you." He pretended to wipe away a tear. "Hey, we should hang out tomorrow." I could barely control my excitement. "Cool, why don't you come over whenever and we can find something to do."

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