Chapter 1 : Hinata

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Hinata's  POV

I woke up at six on the dot just before my alarm when off. " Ugh this is getting old!" I thought before getting dressed into.

(Media Including the glasses)

Then I heard Mom call me down for breakfast

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Then I heard Mom call me down for breakfast. I rushed down and go to sit at my usual spot at the table but to see. Dad sitting in my seat eating my food. "Oh~~~~~~ Dad~~~~~~!" I said.

Gray's POV

I was munching away on my daughters food but then I heard "Oh~~~~~~ Dad~~~~~~~!" Hinata  said behind me. I felt a scary aura, even scarier than Erza's aura. " That's my food you know that?" Hinata asked in a scary tone. I nodded hesitantly.

" Than why did you eat it?" She asked looking angry. " I was hungry..." I said and then she snapped. " I don't care if you were hungry! That was my food now I have to eat breakfast at school thanks to you! You know who will be there!" My daughter yelled and ran out and slammed the door behind her.

Hinata's  POV

' Stupid  dad eating my food! Idiot! That ice-breathing!' I thought while growling. I walked to the cafeteria, and saw the prince of the school. Haru Dragneel to precise.

" Hey Hina." Haru said as I walked through the door. I looked at him with raised eyebrow. Then the waffles I order on the way to school arrived.

I squealed in delight as I saw fruit drenched in molasses. I sat down to eat. Then I feel someone sit next me. I look to see who it is and see a Haru sitting next me. "So you must really must like waffles." Haru said.

I nodded my head vigorously." So if I make you some would come over to my house?" Haru asked. I look at him with stars in my eyes. I nod vigorously. "Alright meet me at the entrance of the school. Okay?" Haru said.

"Yeah meet you there Dragneel." I said. "Call me Haru okay?" Haru said.  I nodded and near the door. "Bye Drag- I mean Haru." I said before walking out the door to get home room.

 As soon as I enter I'm tackled by my best friend. "get off me Kathy." I said groaning. Katherine Redfox, the daughter of Gajeel and Levy Redfox.

"Where were you?!?" Kathy yelled in my ear. 

"Bitch listen here, scream in my ear again and I'll knock you right out the door for ruining my good mood. Then I will knock you through the walls so hard you'll  bleed and die from blood lost .Understood?" I said looking dead serious. 

She looked at me confused then got it then started sweating, backing away with her hands up. She was as far away from me as possible. "Sorry." She muttered but I heard her loud and clear. "It's okay." I said. She looked at me confused.


I hoped you enjoyed this story. I'll try to update the new me more often. Alright see ya.

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