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Stage 1:

Stage_Name: Midsummer Skies ~ Lost Memory

BGM: Illusionary Memory Traveler

Reimu_question: What the heck is going on right now?

Reimu_closedeyes: I gotta find whoever is doing this fast.

???: Ah?!

Reimu_question: Eh? Who's that?


Yamame_question: Lady, can you please help me? I forgot where's my home...

Reimu_angry: ...are you serious? Can't you see who am I?

Yamame_question: ...I remember you from somewhere, I can't recall it though...

Reimu_oh: I'm Reimu, spider girl.

Yamame_happy: My name is Yamame, Reimu.


Reimu_angry: Just get out of my way, I'm doing busy work here, stupid!

Yamame_angry: Don't call me stupid, fool! I'll turn you all white on my cobweb!


BGM: The Sealed Away Youkai ~ Free Time


hYamame_cry: Ouch, I didn't expect that from you, lady. You're quite a strong one, if I say.

Reimu_closedeyes: Oh dear, I shouldn't be wasting time on small-fries like this, I gotta resolve this incident!

Reimu_happy: I'm sorry, I got to go now. Don't bother me anymore.

Reimu_closedeyes: ...Aren't you supposed to be sealed, by the way?


Stage 2:

Stage_Name: Garden of The Sun, The Incredible Light

BGM: The World is Round

Reimu_closedeyes: I'm not being able to find anything weird around here, but the fairies are quite aggressive, I should say.

???: Hey, get down!

Reimu_closedeyes: It's that fairy again... Looks like searching here was a big mistake.



Cirno_happy: Yes, it's me, the all powerful Cirno!

Reimu_closedeyes: Can you just go away? I'm trying to solve an incident right now.


???: Looks like we found a target!

Reimu_question: Wait, two on one? That's not fair!

???: Don't worry Cirno, we'll get her down pretty quickly~.

Reimu_oh: I'm sorry, who are you again?


Daiyousei_happy: Daiyousei talking~. But wait, do you also forgot things? I forgot that Cirno existed and only remembered after she appeared!

Cirno_oh: Yeah, me too.

Reimu_happy: Exactly! If you two could help me solve this, maybe you'd get a prize!

Cirno_angry: Maybe? Who do you think you're talking to? We don't want to help anyone, dumbass! We're trying to get you down!


Reimu_question: Eh?!

BGM: Double Duo

Cirno_happy&Daiyousei_happy: Prepare to fight!



hCirno_oh: I guess we're not that powerful after all...

Reimu_angry: C'mon, just let me go! I don't have time to play with you kids! I gotta solve this or everyone will forget everything!

hDaiyousei_oh: Do what again?

Reimu_angry: I can't believe this...


Stage 3:

Stage_Name: The Bamboo Forest of the Lost

BGM: Bamboo Forest of the Half Moon ~ Immortal Memory

Reimu_closedeyes: I'm getting tired of this, I gotta find the culprit!

???: Can you help me out here?

Reimu_angry: Who is it this time?


???: I'm lost...

Reimu_question: What?! How could you forget something like that, Mokou?


Mokou_question: Oh... Reimu? I'm really confused, what's happening? It's like I forgot things...

Reimu_question: Mokou, I don't have time to explain, I need to find the culprit to save everyone!

Reimu_closedeyes: I'd lose time if I talked to you...

Mokou_angry: C'mon, you just gotta tell me!

Reimu_angry: Fine, fine! Everyone is just losing memories, even me! Do you know something about that, or did you forget it?

Mokou_oh: Sorry, no. But... Maybe if I fight with you I might remember something?

Reimu_question: Sorry, what? That doesn't make any sense!


Mokou_smug: You don't have an option!


BGM: Fire Beign ~ Only in Death


hMokou_cry: What even...

Reimu_angry: See! Useless...

hMokou_angry: Ugh...


Stage 4:

Stage_Name: The Concealed Nameless Hill

BGM: Poisoned Tengu ~Black Eyes~

Reimu_closedeyes: This place looks fishy, look at those fairies...


???: Hm~hm!

Reimu: Oh hello... Who are you again...?


Medicine_happy: It's me, Medicine! Reimu, don't you remember me?

Reimu_surprise: No...? Haven't you forgotten atleast something?

Medicine_happy: How can I remember something I forgot?

Reimu_oh: I mean, like, the path for your home, for example.

Medicine_oh: Umm, no... What's going on, Reimu?!

Reimu_question: you know something? You look like you're being part of this, aren'tcha?

Reimu_closedeyes: Please, just stop with this, you're making everyone's life a chaos!

Medicine_angry: I already told you I don't know anything! Get away!


Reimu_angry: Quit with it, douche!

BGM: Poison Doll ~ The Mirror Inside

Medicine_angry: You'll see who's the douche!



hMedicine_sad: I told you!

Reimu_oh: Sorry, but you looked really fishy...



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