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"Hahaha! He, or should I say, SHE even talks like a girl!"


Kicking, my stomach, ribs, anywhere they could reach. It all hurts.

...They got out a knife.



I violently slam my alarm clock.

'Shit...' I thought to myself. I check my phone.

Stupid flashbacks. I hate them. I turn my phone on to see that it's 7:20.

'School starts in 25 minutes... Better take a quick shower.' I thought as I walked to my bathroom. Okay, I know having 'hot' showers with hot water is a 'girly' thing, but I AM transgender, so.. Yeah.

I turn the shower water on, and look in the mirror. 'Dang... even with my shoulder length hair, it seems my hair still isn't tamable.' I think as I mess with my hair. The water starts to steam up, so I decide to get in. "Hot, hOT, hOOOTT-" I yelp as I hop in.

'It doesn't feel as bad once you get used to it...' I think, while washing my hair. I have this 'Female' conditioner and shampoo that guys don't use, so...

Maybe It'll make my hair more 'feminine?'

Ehh, whatever. I finished washing my hair and then I started to wash my body.

It's a little embarrassing, but I'm very self-conscious about myself. Especially my looks. I want to look as feminine as I possibly can. I'm also self-conscious about my privates?? Cause, you know, I'm male. I don't want anyone knowing I'm male.. It'll just mess things up.

According to my Godfather, Jiraiya, (Or as I like to call him, Old Pervert,) told me what happened. So, basically, some genes messed with how I looked whenever my mother was pregnant. Female cells and genes started to make me look feminine, even though I'm male. The doctors thought I was going to be a girl, but I turned out as a boy. My parents still loved me just the same. I remember them, before the car crash.... but that's a story for another time.

I finished washing my body with this 'Summer Marsh-mellow' flavored soap. (Note-to-self: Don't try and see if it tastes like marsh-mellows. ) I smelled quite good, actually. I started to shave myself. Yes, I do shave. My armpits and my legs. Sometimes my arms. After finishing that, I washed off the shaving cream and turned off the shower.

I shook the water off of my feet and stepped out, grabbing a towel. I viciously, and I mean viciously, started to scrub my head with the towel. After my hair was dry, I dried my body and walked out of the bathroom.

"What should I wear...?" I thought out-loud. I decided to wear a light green dress that ends at the mid-thigh, high light brown boots, and a big flannel scarf around my neck. (Image at top. A bit like that, but on a shoulder-length haired Naruto.) I was pretty satisfied with how I looked.

My hair was a bit wavy, so I decided to wear it down. It took awhile, but I but some hair and made a little bun and the top-ish of my head. I walked to the bathroom and grabbed some concealer and squirted some out. If I'm gonna be transgender, I'll use makeup whenever I want. I covered a few spots, and then got some eyeliner. (Super girly, I know.) I outlined my eye a bit, not too much, and did I little 'swoop' at the corner of my eye. I looked good-ish. I put on some lip-balm, grabbed my backpack, and literally ran downstairs.

"Good riddance, Naruto! You took foreve-" Iruka stopped talking as soon as he saw me. I assumed he forgot about me starting to be transgender. He looked in awe. I laughed and grabbed a slice of bread and put it in the toaster.

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