A world worth burning

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"Wait, you knew them?" The young man's words hung in the air. The gravity that they held weighing the air itself down as he stared in awe at the plain old maid beside him.
"Yes. Once. A long.... long time ago." The maid paused, a distant gleam grew in her eye as she momentarily relived the memories of a hundred years. "The world was much different then. They were much different then."
Thickening, the heavy air sunk in around the two of them. Elderly maid and young man in the making sat side by side, trapped by gravity, tales of old and weightless yet suffocating air.
"What were they like so long ago?"
Some hinting form of a crumpled smile crossed the maid's face as she remembered them, the them before.
"They were going to change the world."
There was a silence then. Not an uneasy silence, not even a suffocating silence for the air was beginning to lighten with a tint of understanding, but a dark silence. Memories of lifetimes lived long long ago replayed around the two. Long dead night of dancing and liquor, fire and blood, demons and power filled the air as the silence deepened.
Slowly, eventually, gradually the young man's mouth opened. Finally, one single sentence came out.
"They did change the world."
A sigh escaped the maid's lips. "Maybe they did, but not in the way they were going to. They had ideas Pete, ideas to save humanity. To rescue our fallen world."
Pete pondered that thought for a moment before replying, "maybe the world wasn't worth saving after-all."
"Maybe not." Came the quaint, weakened response.
"Maybe they simply destroyed a world worth burning."

The End

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