My Perpetual Partner-chp1

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My life hasn't been such a great life but least its better than some peoples.  

Everybody has bad things happen to them and if you haven't then something bad will happen.  

You may think your life is perfect but just so you know something bad will happen at some point so love your life.

Since my junior year started things have looked up.  

My grades are almost perfect, my friends are awesome, and I'm doing some school activities.  

I'm not in trouble or the school whore.  

I love this year it's the best year I've had since me and my family moved here.

But not everything is wonderful. Two of my brothers don't live with me anymore.  

My mom has been sadder since my youngest brother decided to stay with his asshole of a father (excuse the language).  

Oh and some people at school still look at me in disgusting ways, which now I don't mind.

Even with all that my life has been pretty good.  

So I'm extremely mad that he showed up, out of no where I might add, and everything is changing again.

First glance of him you think WOW sexy, and then when you meet him you think sexy mysterious guy.  

After a while you realize something is really wrong with the guy and notice weird things that happen when he's around or after he was there but either way you know something's going on.

The day I saw him was when my class was taking a test in culinary. He showed up late. Mrs. Hernandez just passed out our test and my first glance of it I knew right away that I would finish it quickly, but then he showed up. He walked in and oh my gosh was he gorgeous. I felt my mouth drop open.

He gave Mrs. Hernandez the late pass then told her he was new. Mrs. Hernandez turned to the class, "This is..." she looked down at his schedule. " Uri Tyson he's new. Uri do you think you could take this test?"  

He looked at it and nodded.  

"Okay here and if you get stuck that's ok I won't count it against you. Oh you can sit next to Aura. Aura please raise your hand."  

I did as I was told forgetting that there was an empty seat to my left.  

I was too stunned by his gorgeousness.  

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