Chapter 4

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"People get curious, ok? And when

people get curious it messes up the

system," the man with a very

monotoned deep voice says. "I know

that. I just think we should let the

know more about what's happening

before they start rebelling," the man

with the lisp says. " I know that Sam."

So the man with the lisps name is Sam.

"I also know that if we give them too

much information they could find out

about the plan." I realize that I

recognize this persons voice. "I have to

protect the people of this building and

the only way to do that is if they don't

know." Now it all clicks. The man

speaking is the head of the counsel.

Matt Andrews. The two men keep

going back and forth about this "plan."

Eventually I get bored and decide to

leave. I've been ease dropping for so

long that I lost track of time. I'm sure

Aaron has probably gone to lunch

herself by now. So I decide to just head

to the cafeteria alone. It's around two,

so the lunch crowd will probably be

gone figuring lunch is only in three

hours. I get in line to grab a quick

sandwich so I can get home fast. I sit

down at one of the empty tables. You

would think id feel awkward sitting

alone but there's hardly anyone here

and plus I like the silence. I'm half way

through my sandwich when someone

sits in the chair next to me. I look up in

shock. It is a boy that stands above me.

It's Drew. Drew and I, we have a very

long history. It's complicated, well not

really. We were childhood best friends,

then we started to drift apart in our

beginning years of school. Not unusual

at all. We started becoming closer

again a few years ago. He told me he

liked me and to me felt like he led me

on. And maybe just maybe I started to

fall for him. That all changed when I

saw Drew kissing Aaron at school one

day. And for once I thought maybe just

maybe someone could like me without

taking a second glance at Aaron. I

guess I was wrong. It took a while for

me to trust Aaron again. But for Drew,

I never forgave him.

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