3. I've missed you

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8hours later the plane landed

"excuse me,miss?" I felt someone shaking me to wake up. it was the flight attendant.

"the planes landed"

"oh, thank you" I was embarrassed the plane was empty and I was the only one there. I got out of the plane and was heading to meet Payton. I got worried because I didn't know Where she was. should I go on? Should I stay here?

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and screamed causing the whole airport to look at me

"calm down!It's only me" Said Taylor, Taylor was Payton's brother and also he's super famous. He goes on tour with 9 other boys and a girl called Magcon, every one of my friends knew about the magcon boys. That love them and they dedicate their life to them, I've never did tell any of them that I actually knew Taylor Caniff personally and I was bestfriends with his sister I wouldn't get peace and quite.

"Payton is in Starbucks I told her I'll come and get you.  So here I am. sorry if I scared you." he said with a smirk.

"Don't scare me!" I said playfully punching his arms. Taylor knew How scared I can easily get, he was like a brother that I've never had obviously he can't beat Nathan but I just love How great we get along with eachother.

We started to make our way to Starbucks. I saw Payton sitting there with Matt (her bf) omg I totally forgot that her and him were a couple, the last time I saw her she just had a little crush on him but she didn't want to say because she knew Taylor wouldn't let her date him.

"Payton!" I said calling to her she stood up and ran to me giving me a hug

"I've missed you so much!" she said with excitement

"I've missed you too" After all that reunited stuff I finally got to meet Matt in person. I didn't really know What he would think of me, would he think that I was a crazy fangirl?

"This is Leia and this is Matt " Payton introduced me I held my hand out for him to shake but he just gave me hug.

After I met Matt and talked to Payton we headed to their house. the car journey was pretty awkward cuz it was silent. We finally get to Taylor and Payton's house, it was so big I couldn't believe my eyes.  of course England had some pretty big houses too but this is just big! We entered the house and Taylor carried my bags I was staying with them for 5weeks so I had quiet alot of bags.

"So, What you guys want to do today?"Payton asked

"I Don't really know, I'm quite tired. is it okay if can sleep just for a couple of hours?"

"jetlag? " Matt questioned.

"yh. " I answered

"ofcourse you can sleep in my room. Upstairs 2nd door on your right " I made my self upstairs and opened Paytons door first thing I saw was a picture of me and her when were 5/6 years old.

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