Clockwork v. Mrs. P

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Damn did you last use a brace?
I couldn't help but ask,
Instead of just laugh.
Im gonna keep it real, and say it to your face.

What was your height, that you remember last?
Don't care if its rude,
Because i speak the truth.
I think your neck grew because your head was stuck up your ass.

My bad
I never thought you'd think I sugarcoat my shit.
The only thing I sugarcoat is the flavor plastered on my dick.

Oh I'm sorry,
Forgot you didn't get your turn.
Well why your here,
Tell me what you learned.

Mrs. P:

Well damn, took you long enough.
Its about time.
I could barely tolerate
Your weak-minded rhymes.

Its no need to get cute
You aren't even close to competition
To your levels I cant stoop
Because I know who's already winning.

Open your eyes before coming at me punk.
Learn how to rhyme, or ill send your ass straight to the dump.
Stop acting like a great ole killer, you actor.
You aren't believed real, There's no info to gather, You can't even kill.

Im coming out of character,
But this side you can't miss.
I understand things change,
So does time, Thats something your brain can't forget.


Haha I have to admit,
You really know how to to kill time.
I just remembered, I have some people to kill
Your the last thing on my mind

Your confidence is crazy high.
Don't get so defensive when I send your ass to the sky.
Infact, your half way there so it'll be easier for this
Now hurry and say your quatrains
Your voice makes me nauseous

Mrs. P:

Oh, was it that rapist with a glass eye?
Don't worry I covered it for you.
It was 4 hours ago,
I work fast it's now the stroke of 5.

By that time I met with the gang,
And had a McDouble..
And my day doesn't end with your loss.
Your the least of my troubles.






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