Once in class I took my seat way in the back and Andrew sat next to me.

"Hey Lizzy after school I was going to take Jake and Skylar to go get ice cream do you want to come umm I mean you and Tyler??" Andrew asked

"Umm sorry I can't I have work and I don't pick up Tyler until 6:30 sorry." I said with my head down

"Okay maybe Wait but the day-care close at 5 why do you pick Tyler up at 6:30??" He asked with suspense in his voice.

"Look Abby watches him for a hour and a half until I get off of work."I said

"What about your parents why can't they get him." He asked

"They umm have to work until like umm 4am so you know they can't." I lied

The truth is if I let them pick Tyler up they are going to beat him into a coma and I'm the only one that works in the house, so I have to keep Ty safe, go to school, work, cook, and clean.

"Hey Lizzy how about I take Tyler with me when I pick up Sky and Jake, and take him for ice cream with us and watch him until your off of work." He asked

"I would love that but Tyler don't like strangers sorry so you have to ask and get to know him." I said in a whisper because the teacher came in.

Andrew P.O.V

It's something it's something about her that makes me want to love and protect her, and I know she's lying to me about something I just don't know what it is yet. I hope Tyler comes with Jake, Sky and I to go get Ice cream, he can make new friends and have fun with this awesome guy and his two munchkins, Hopefully he'll likes me but hopefully Lizzy know I like her a lot.

"Mr.Johnson would you like to relearn my lesson after school." Mr.Hunt said

"Well since you ask Mr.Nub nah I can't but Mr.James might can come to your house on the weekend you can teach him a few lessons if you know what I mean." I said packing my stuff because the bell was about to ring.

The bell rang and I turned to Mr.Hunt and said "Well I hate to see what you have to say but I gotta go Nubby my babies are waiting."

"Hey Lizzy want to come with me I'm going to pick up Jake and Sky, and see if Tyler trust me enough to come with." I ask

"Umm you know you really don't have to do this Andrew and hanging with me can ruin your reputation." She said in a small fearful voice

Why do she keep bringing my reputation in this. Fuck my reputation and I'm only doing this because I love her, she is just different and I love that about her she so so innocent,loving,caring,and smart I can't forget gorgeous. She's going to be mine if that the last thing I do.

"Lizzy are you coming, fuck my reputation they can all suck my cock baby Lizzy you are the only one I care about at this school." I froze because of what I said I was saying it all from my heart but they slipped.

"Ummm what Andrew you know what never mind, I'll help you become great friends with Ty but it's not going to be so easy he has trust issues he only trust me and me only but it's worth a try." She said with hope and angrier in her voice.

I wonder what the angrier is about I know the hope is for Tyler to trust me, but the angrier she might be thinking about the reason he don't trust.

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