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*Humphrey's pov*

I stood there frozen. "That's your dog?!?" Barked Shane. "Yes." I replied softly. "Shane, be kind to your sister." Said mom. "She's not my sister!" He yelled and marched upstairs. I heard his bedroom door slam close.

*Shane's pov*

I can't stand that this little brat is my sister. I mean sure she's nice and everything but seriously.

*Humphrey's pov*

"Uh mom, c-can I keep him?" I asked nervously. "Um honey, is he vaccinated?" She asked. "I don't think so, I found him in an abandoned box a couple of years ago." I answered. "Can I please keep him,please please PLEEAASE!" I whined. "Wellllll oh alright." She answered. " Really?!? Thank you thank you thank you!" I shrieked jumping up and down. I hugged my mom and she smiled and patted my shoulder. "Now let's get him all cleaned up, he smells nasty." She smiled. I took him to the huge bathroom and twisted the faucet so water rushed out of it. "Hop in buddy." I said and stroked his back. He seemed puzzled to this new movement. I tapped the edge of the bathtub and made a kissing sound with my lips. "Come on boy. It'll feel nice." I insisted. He finally walked slowly into the tub and say down. He seemed to enjoy the warmth. He lapped the steaming water and laid down with a big SPLASH! I squeezed a bottle of sop onto his body and rubbed it around. "Thump thump! Thump thump!" His tail thwacked the bathtub floor. The corners of his mouth stood up indicated his happiness. "Good boy." I cooed.

*after bath*

I dried his mustard yellow fur with a baby pink towel. Afterwards I blow dried it with a hot pink and black blow drier. He was all clean.

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