Busted pt.2

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Leanna's POV

I couldn't help but stop and stare at him and Perrie, locked in each others embrace, we used to be that way, NOOO don't think that way HE betrayed you this is all his fault.

I opened the gate his back was to me. He hadn't noticed me until Perrie spoke, cluelessly.

" Zayn, looks like you have company"

" Hello" I mumbled, afraid to form a sentence, from the ball forming in my throat.

He turned around and he gasped slightly, typical Zayn, trying to keep his tough exterior.

"Hello Leanna" he spoke, composed and formal, like I was a complete stranger. I mean really ?!?!?! I have dated you for a year and I see you with this beautiful girl that you deceived me with. Wow, he is a great actor.

" I wanted to talk to you about..." I hesitated, already loosing the sudden boost of confidence that shot through me. He was distracting, I mean he was shirtless, water was dripping down his hair and....

"Cat got your tounge Leanna ?" he said tauntingly. While crossing his arms.

"Your really going to stand there and act like you weren't just cheating on me? Or that we are strangers, because we have been dating for about 1 year? Bet you didn't know that did ya Perrie ?" I spat on the verge of tears when I spoke of the 1 year we've been dating.

Perrie's eyes widened and Zayn looked at me as if I had three heads, I've always been the type that hated confrontation, even when we were dating, and argued I hated the screaming and everything, bit here I am in his face calling him out on his error and it's new to him.

"You knew this was bound to happen, I'd have to distance myself from you to make me and Perrie work" he spoke getting angry toward the end. I have officially snapped. By the way he is talking Perrie doesn't know about the contract, because Zayn being The blunt and honest person he is would have straight out mentioned it. I want to tell her so bad but if I am hurting this bad about him doing this to me, she will hurt worse knowing that the whole time it was a joke.

"Sure, I came here to tell you that I don't consider calling me twice out of the whole tour and you acting like you are forced to talk to me a relationship, so I came to end things to your face, not by finding a replacement " I spoke calmly. Walking towards the driveway to escape my misery, he didn't even have a chance to respond, or so I thought.

" That is your way of breaking up with me? No even trying to talk this out with me?"

" There's nothing to discuss" I stopped once I reached my car and looked at him.

" Like hell there is do you know how bad I felt when you walked in there?!?!" He is screaming and if I don't leave now he is going to do something stupid. I turned to my car door and opened it, quickly entering and shutting it. He opened the door before I got a chance to lock it.

"No your not leaving until we talk" he is now calm and his eyes are swallowing me in. I signal him to move and exit the car, closing the door and leaning in the car.

" You did not feel bad when I walked in there because you were acting like a complete jerk when I came in, like you didn't even know me!!!!!" I screamed. He has no reason to be angry.

I have a feeling we will end up saying or doing things that will hurt each other. I can only hope we control ourselves before hand.

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