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                   Left Alone

  I could never forget this frightening and morbid story that personally happened to one of my cousins in Batangas. An only daughter , Jamie was eleven years old when her parents had left her alone in the house for the very first time. Her parents both had to attend an overnight convention in Manila and they wanted her to come with them. But Jamie assured her parents that she could take care of herself and the house while they were away.

    Jamie spent the night doing her homework and watching television. When she was already sleepy, she took her pet Jade, a charming golden retriever , on her lap then went to her bedroom. She really adored this dog that she would even let it sleep on her bed. It was already 11:30pm. While pulling down the window blinds , a cool wind suddenly touched her shoulders which gave her an inexplicable nervous feeling. Minutes later , she and the pet have already fallen asleep.

   Across Jamie's bed was the bathroom . Only an hour had passed when she was awakened by a dripping sound from the bathroom. The faucet might not have been properly turned off, she thought. But Jamie was too sleepy to get up so she just ignored it. At one point , she could feel that her dog was licking her ankles. It made her grin. Then she fell asleep.

    At 3:30am, she woke up hearing the dripping again. This time, she was already annoyed by the noise. She really wanted to check to faucet this time but the sleepiness was truly overcoming her energy to get up. She felt the dog licking her hand this time. Then she fell back to sleep .

   The sun was already up when she heard her parent's car entering the garage. It made her glad that they have returned safely. She got up and proceeded to the bathroom door, there she saw Jade , her poor dog , skinned and hung up on the curtain rod. The noise she heard was actually the dog's blood dripping into a puddle on the floor!

   That scene was very traumatic for her. Her parents have contacted the police to investigate if a robber or some sort of criminal might have entered the house last night. But no possession or money was reportedly stolen.

   After a couple years, Jamie soon recovered from the trauma. Although she's already 19 now, her parents still make it a point that their only daughter would never be left alone in the house.

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