Chapter One~ ♡

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    "The past is in the past. It's all behind me now. My life is complete..."

     Or that's what I keep telling myself. My life has been a wreck!!!!


     He just slapped me. Why did he have to? I know he's drunk and all but couldn't he have been more self-controlled? 

     "This is for you!" He yelled and slappped me again.

     What was I suppose to do?

     Suddenly it went all black. The last thing I saw was him... crying?

*end of flashback*

     I have been avoiding him for a while now and I feel like dying inside. "I hope he's okay..." I thought to myself.

"He deserves to be left alone, sweetie" Isabella said to me. "Is it that obvious that I still have feelings for him, Bella?" My voice in a low, raspy tone. "Yes it is! And we need to do something about it," She paused for a moment, probably thinking of what we should do. "I know! We should have a Girls Night all to ourselves!" She exclaimed.

     I had this strange feeling in my gut. But Isabella being my best friend, I couldn't resist her ideas... only one problem, we didn't know where to go for our so-called "Girls Night"

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