Drunk 5-25-14

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When I was nine

I overheard a conversation

between my mom and her sister.

My aunt said to my mother:

"For your daughters, make the right decisions.

Would you rather be drunk on alcohol or love?"

I was at an age where I was barely

beginning to understand what that meant.

I've carried that question with me since

then, because I knew

I would eventually be able to answer it for


Well, I've been drunk on alcohol,

I've been drunk on love,

and my conclusion is this:

They are all too similar.

When you are drunk on alcohol it makes

you happy.

You are warm, and blissfully unaware of the 

bad things that go along with sobriety.

But when that feeling is gone

your whole body pounds with a sickly ill feeling

and moving even slightly can be a challenge.

Of course I am talking about the hangover.

Love is the same.


It starts out beautiful,

but when it inevitably falls down hill

you are left with the worst pain human beings

are capable of feeling.

I am in the hangover of our love.

My body aches with the memory of something that

once seemed so sweet.

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